September 15, 2010

Be a youth correspondent! Inspire and be inspired!

Youth Office

We are now in a generation where social awareness and youth initiatives that impact the world are at our fingertips. Just one click of a mouse and we can know what´s happening anywhere miles away from us! Taking this into account, the IAVE Youth Office would like to connect with brilliant young minds from all over the globe, who have the passion for promoting youth volunteering from different backgrounds and contexts.

As we grow in the youth volunteering community, we would like more and more young people to get involved with the IAVE Youth Office to help youth in different countries make the most of what IYOC has to offer.

This year, 2010, we want make our work more fruitful by involving young people like you, in helping us deliver news that matters most to its readers!

We are looking for the young voices of volunteering in every country! A CORRESPONDENT!

We all know that it is always good to get news straight from its source. Correspondents are like “insiders” because they know what´s crucial and vital within their own contexts and countries. By being part of the Global Network of Youth Correspondents, you not only bring a new perspective to our youth volunteering community, but also engage other young people to be better informed global citizens!

Our office in Barcelona provides many opportunities and tools that our IYOC Global Network of Youth Correspondents can benefit from.  As a correspondent, we will assist you in promoting youth volunteering to a global audience through the latest news and activities in your country. You can strengthen youth capacities by sharing and exchanging experiences of young people in your country and celebrate youth volunteering with us by bringing more people together in the growing volunteer movement.

Our correspondents will ensure that we bring news that is meaningful and useful to young people who share the same vision as we do!

If you think you have what it takes to be a correspondent, we want you!

We know you can inspire people out there to make a difference!

Don´t miss this opportunity! Contact us at if you are interested and discover more surprises in store for you!