January 11, 2010

Bibliography on volunteering research in Europe


In March 2007, the European Volunteer Centre (CEV) has launched a call for research papers on volunteering within its network of members, partners and supporters in order to assess the state of the art of volunteering research in Europe. The research call aimed at collecting from each partner organization information on the most relevant and interesting pieces of research on volunteering and related topics. CEV has asked its members and partners to classify the references into 10 different categories (see list below). The analysis of the returned information provides an indicative overview of the areas covered by research and existing gaps. The list of references may serve for anyone interested in volunteering research across Europe to access the most relevant pieces of research identified by CEV members and may contribute to identify a strategy on
comparable research on volunteering in Europe By August 2007, CEV has received references of 196 pieces of research, sent by 28 organizations from 22 European countries and Israel.

The analysis of collected data is of descriptive nature limited by the research set-up: Although it would be interesting to have an overview of the total number of research documents per country and to make a regional comparison, the nature of this compilation does not allow for that kind of analysis. Firstly, our members and partners were asked to send only the 10 most relevant pieces of research per country, and, secondly, there are for some countries more than one responding organisations, which consequently resulted in more than 10 references per country in some cases. The results shall be taken as purely indicative and informative without representative value. In addition, the fact that some countries have sent less than 10 references and that the organisations of some countries have not answered the research call does not necessarily mean that research on volunteering is less developed in these countries.

The references are classified according to the following categories:
1. Volunteering landscape / facts and figures on volunteering
2. Legal status of volunteering / legal environment of volunteering
3. Governmental policy on volunteering
4. Volunteer management
5. (Measurable) impact of volunteering: for the individual, in terms of social capital,
economic value
6. Impact and value of a volunteering infrastructure
7. Roles of volunteering (social inclusion, social services, volunteering in schools, museums,
environment, human rights, development cooperation, etc)
8. Volunteering of specific target groups (elderly, youth, disabled, etc).
9. Employee volunteering and CSR
10. Other