July 11, 2011

IAVE regional meeting in Africa


It has been 11 years since IAVE held a conference in Africa; so we are pleased to announce that with the arrival of the 10th Anniversary of the International Year of Volunteers, IAVE will be organizing a regional meeting in Nairobi, Kenya, in July, 2011.

The theme for the small gathering will be “Getting the Word Out – Volunteering in Africa”. IAVE has long supported volunteer efforts around the world, and we believe there is a lot to say about volunteering on the continent, but very few are saying it. We hope the regional event will help draw attention to what is happening in Africa.

The conference will be an invitation-only event for 25-35 individuals, representing diverse groups and organizations, including national NGOs, volunteer centers, international NGOs as well as representatives from global companies.

The meeting will include presentations on volunteering programs in Africa, country and regional reports, and a discussion on how to improve research, communication, and advocacy.

(Photo: torill2)