Volunteer Involving Organizations Network, Kenya

Fred Sadia

Name Fred Sadia
Country Kenya
Organization Coordinator, Volunteer Involving Organizations Network Society

Volunteer Involving Organizations Network, Kenya

The Volunteer Involving Organizations (VIO) network that brings together around 20 national and international organizations working on volunteerism and related issues has been in existence since 2004 and is an initiative of organizations. The network seeks to support and galvanize activities, programmes and advocacy around volunteerism, as well as engaging member organizations in capacity building initiatives.

The network has gone through various challenges as would be expected of a network of disparate organizations with differing goals and objectives. It has also experienced successes, including holding Volunteer of the Year Awards, celebrating International Volunteer Day and other milestones.

2014 was particularly significant in that the network obtained registration as a society, thus formalizing its structures and minimizing areas that often brought challenges. The network also played a leading role in the development of a National Volunteer Policy, which is in its final stages of enactment. The network further developed a 5 year Strategic Plan, to guide its activities and development over the next 5 years.

This paper takes us through the processes, challenges and success the network has gone through over the last 10 years and charts the way forward for the coming years.


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