Conference Missions

The mission of this conference is to motivate, mobilize and celebrate individuals, NGOs, corporations, governments and academics who, through volunteer effort, add to quality citizen engagement in building safe and sustainable communities.

Conference Objectives

  • To sensitize government officials about the importance of volunteering in development
  • To provide a platform for the exchange of ideas, experiences, and best practices from various stakeholders and actors on the establishment and/or strengthening of a legal framework and the scheme to be implemented to foster volunteering in Africa
  • To engage stakeholders, especially the government, to achieve full support of a recognized volunteering framework in Africa
  • To establish a network of structures working in volunteering
  • To learn from other countries experiences and share good practices on volunteer related issues
  • To promote volunteering through the involvement and commitment of the government
  • To examine the needs and challenges faced by volunteer involving organizations and explore some strategies for overcoming those needs
  • To explore how and where volunteer and volunteer involving organizations can best be used to support national volunteering initiatives

Expected Conference Outcome

  • Shared understanding of the African volunteering traditions and the current identified volunteering forms and activities in Africa
  • Shared understanding of best practices from other countries
  • Shared experiences on volunteering and the establishment and/or strengthening of a legal framework and their impact on national development
  • The establishment of a network/Platform of structures working in volunteering in Africa
  • Well informed Governments Officials about the utility of volunteers in terms of their vision, mission, objectives and sustainability
  • Clarity of roles and responsibility of each stakeholder (with an emphasis to Government)
  • Testimonies by volunteering professionals will be given in support of the value of volunteering
  • Promotion and public affirmation of volunteering as today’s IMPERATIVE.
  • Development and knowledge sharing in best practices in corporate volunteering.
  • Recognition of best practice in developing NGO and Corporate partnerships in delivering volunteer services related to community development.
  • A road map for engaging citizens of all ages in volunteering practices in the digital age.
  • Presentation of research studies for advancement of volunteering.
  • Professional leadership development opportunities for National Volunteer Centers.
  • Skills development for young volunteers.
  • Public education plan encouraging volunteer effort from youth to twilight years.
  • Interaction and networking opportunities for leaders of the continental wide volunteer movement from community, corporate, government, academia and communication backgrounds.

See the full agenda for the conference here.

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