Corporate Volunteering for a Post-Pandemic World - Part 2

IAVE’s 2023 Global Corporate Volunteering Research Report

Corporate Volunteering for a Post-Pandemic World – Part 2

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In this research report:

The State of Health of Corporate Volunteering in:

    • Contemporary Trends and Patterns of Corporate Volunteering in Africa
    • Causes Supported by Existing Programs
    • Employee Volunteering Issues
    • Significant Country-Specific Volunteering Trends
    • Government Policies and Regulations
    • The Role of Culture and Religion
    • The Role of the State
    • Demographic, Economic and Political Factors
    • Trends in Corporate Volunteering
    • Corporate Volunteering Trends in Different Arab Countries
    • Characteristics Distinct to the Region
  • Special report: China
    • National Policies
    • Popularization of Enterprise Voluntary Service
    • Branding of Enterprise Voluntary Service
    • Speeding Up Establishment of Voluntary Service Information Systems
    • Exploring Online Volunteer Service
    • Specialization of Enterprise Voluntary Service
    • Participation in the Strategy of Corporate Social Responsibility
    • Participation in the National Strategy
    • Family Participation in Enterprise Voluntary Service
  • Special Report: Korea
    • An Increased Focus on Measuring Social Value
    • Differences and Similarities Across Borders
    • Country Specific Characteristics
    • Challenges and Opportunities
  • Special Report: Poland
    • The Polish Tradition of Voluntary Action
    • Volunteering in Poland: Skepticism, Distrust and Bad Experiences
    • Challenges
    • Who Are the Most Vulnerable – and Why?
    • How Companies Are Influencing Volunteering in Poland
    • “Action” Overload
    • Looking Ahead –the Future of Corporate Volunteering in Poland
    • Influences of Immigration: Ukrainian and Belarus Case
    • Companies Jumping Onboard
  • Special report: Russia
    • Important Update
    • New Trends and Patterns in Corporate Volunteering
    • Increased Employee Volunteering to Support Particular Causes
    • Needed: Exploration of employee volunteering in local and/or mid-size companies
    • Significant Country-Specific Trends
    • The Influence of Government Policies and Regulations
    • Key Problems of Corporate Volunteering
    • Confronting Complex Realities
    • Identifying Regional Tendencies
    • Finding the Right Focus
    • Cross-Cutting Trends
    • Collaborating to Meet Particular Needs
    • Toward More Professional Management
    • The Future of Corporate Volunteering in Latin America
  • Special Report: Venezuela
    • A Country Once Known as Rich and Prosperous
    • A Country in Complex Crisis
    • Adapting to Local Reality
    • Highlights of Key Initiatives
    • North American Issues
    • Forces Shaping Corporate Volunteering
    • Forms of Corporate Volunteering
    • Management of Corporate Volunteering
    • Rise in Corporate Volunteering
    • Towards Issue-Specific Corporate Volunteering
    • Dedicated Volunteering Day(s)
    • Stepped-Up Emphasis on Skills-Based Volunteering
    • Networking to Spur Innovation