Corporate Volunteering for a Post-Pandemic World

Even in the face of an unprecedented global crisis, corporate volunteering remains a vital force – mobilizing the skills, energy and commitment of workers in every region to help build a better world for all.

That is the core message of this report on IAVE’s Global Corporate Volunteering Research Project. It is built on in-depth examinations, as seen through the eyes of those directly responsible for managing the volunteer programs, of the realities, the trends and the best practices that continue to shape the field.

For the past 16 years, IAVE’s Global Corporate Volunteer Council (GCVC) has been the premier gathering point for global companies to learn from each other and to work together to build the strength and impact of the sector. As the leading advocate for high impact corporate volunteering, IAVE has engaged hundreds of companies across all regions through our conferences, forums and online events playing a direct role in creating and shaping their success

This research, combined with IAVE’s nearly two decades of work with corporations, has brought about the emergence of an “Agenda for the Future”; one which articulates the challenges facing the field, and issues a “call to action” not only for companies worldwide but also for the NGOs and public bodies they serve. This call to action asks that collectively we deepen our commitment to volunteering as part of the solution to the grand challenges we face, and that we embrace volunteering as imperative to the creation of shared value.

IAVE is committed to leading the work needed to respond affirmatively to that agenda. We invite you to join us in ensuring that corporate volunteering continues to grow as a high impact force to address the world’s most pressing human, social and environmental challenges.

Ruth Lewin
IAVE Board Chair
Head of Corporate Sustainability
Discovery Limited

Nichole Cirillo
IAVE Executive Director