Corporate Awards

Important Announcement on the 2020 Global Corporate Volunteering Awards

The 2020 Global Corporate Volunteering Awards will be moved to coincide with the 26th IAVE World Volunteer Conference, which has been postponed to October/November of 2021. More information about how to apply will be made available in 2021.

In 2018, there were four awards: the Global Volunteer Program Award; the Inspiring Practice Award; the German Volunteer Program Award, and the newly established Corporate Disaster Volunteer Award.

Criteria for award selection included global scope, collaboration, impact and continuous improvement.

The winners were announced at the 25th IAVE World Volunteer Conference in Augsburg.

The Global Corporate Volunteering Awards, created by IAVE in 2012, are the only formal global awards to formally celebrate excellence in corporate volunteering.

Two corporate awards are presented biennially at IAVE’s World Volunteer Conference.

The Global Volunteer Program Award recognizes a global company that shows an exemplary overall approach to global corporate volunteering – with a well-thought-out strategy that fits well with their values, priorities and culture; an understanding and appreciation of global issues and local realities; and, activities that address serious problems in a serious way.

In 2012, this award was given to State Street Corporation and Telefonica.

In 2014, this award was given to IBM.

In 2016, this award was given to Bank of America.

In 2018, this award was given to Tata Group.

The Inspiring Practice Award recognizes a global company that has created a high impact volunteer initiative designed to meet a specific community or societal need. This award is about tangible outcomes that resulted from a specific volunteer-based strategy to meet a particular need.

In 2012, this award was given to GlaxoSmithKline for its PULSE program.

In 2014, this award was given to BD.

In 2016, this award was given to both winners, HSBC and SAP.

In 2018, this award was given to GSK, MSD, The Ritz Carlton and Telefónica.

A new award was established in 2016 for a company from the host country of the World Volunteer Conference with an exceptional corporate volunteering program.

In 2016, Grupo Modelo was the winner of the award for the Best Corporate Volunteering Program in Mexico.

In 2018, Berlin Social Academy was the winner of the award for the Best Corporate Volunteering Program in Germany.

The Disaster Volunteering Program Award is designed to recognize a company whose commitment to action through volunteers in multiple phases in disaster response – building resilience, responding to disasters, and working to restore communities through short and long term recovery – is exceptional.

In 2018, the first of this award was given to UPS.

In 2014, Honorable Mention certificates were given to Credit SuisseRBC (Royal Bank of Canada), Schneider Electricand UPS.

In 2016, Google received the Honorable Mention certificate. 

Interested in more information on the work being done by these award-winning companies?

The corporate awards are part of IAVE’s overall advocacy for corporate volunteering. They:

  • Recognize global companies that are bringing creativity and innovation to their volunteer efforts to increase impact for their employees and for those they serve;
  • Raise awareness of the volunteer efforts of global companies; and,
  • Encourage global companies to expand and strengthen their volunteer efforts.

Nominations are evaluated by judges from around the world who bring informed and diverse perspectives on corporate volunteering.

IAVE deeply appreciates the support of True Impact in creating and managing the online applications and judging processes.