The 2012 Winners of the Global Corporate Volunteering Awards

State Street Corporation, 2012 Global Program Award
Telefonica, 2012 Global Program Award
GlaxoSmithKline, 2012 Inspiring Practice Award


Presented in 2012 at the 22nd IAVE World Volunteer Conference London, England

The 2012 Global Volunteer Program Award

The 2012 judges determined that it was most appropriate to present the award to two companies, State Street Corporation and Telefonica.

 State_street_logo-50StateStreet-400State Street’s Volunteer Program was formally launched in 2001. Their approach is primarily one of employee engagement, with strategic programs in key focus areas, such as executive board training and matching. The program operates through local volunteer committees called Community Support Program Committees (CSPs). Around the globe, 38 State Street CSPs evaluate and recommend volunteer opportunities for their local communities.

A key business strategy for State Street is infusing “Global Inclusion” into the company culture, to ensure every employee feels engaged and valued. Their employee volunteer program is a significant part of carrying out that strategy.

The Award was accepted by Jess McNicholas, Vice President, Corporate Citizenship, London.

 telefonica-50 Telefonica-400Telefónica Volunteers is a network of over 20,000 volunteers in 19 different countries, coordinated internationally but with activities determined by the social issues identified as local priorities.    

In Latin America, employee volunteers play key roles in the Foundation’s Proniño program, where leadership, expertise, money and volunteers contribute to the international battle to eradicate child labor. In Spain, Telefonica Volunteers focus on working with and for the disabled, communities in need and environmental protection. Throughout Europe Telefónica Volunteers challenge young people to get active by offering mentoring to help them begin their own community initiatives through the Think Big program.

The Award was accepted by Marian Juste-Picon, Director, Programa Voluntarios, Fundación Telefónica, Madrid.

The 2012 Inspiring Practice Award

glaxosmithkline-logo-50GSK-400The PULSE Program is GSK’s skills-based volunteer initiative in which motivated employees are matched to an NGO for three to six months full time, contributing their skills to solve healthcare challenges at home and abroad. With a motto of “Change Yourself, Change GSK”, the PULSE Volunteer Partnership Program facilitates leadership development and personal growth.

Since its launch in 2009, PULSE has empowered nearly 400 employees from 45 countries to serve as volunteers. They have worked with 85 PULSE Partners in 57 countries, supporting non-profit and NGO organizations that work on healthcare access and children issues.

The award was accepted by Sue Gammons, PULSE Operations Manager, GSK, London.