The 2014 Winners of the Global Corporate Volunteering Awards

IBM, 2014 Global Program Award
BD, 2014 Inspiring Practice Award
Credit Suisse, 2014 Honorable Mention
RBC, 2014 Honorable Mention
Schneider Electric, 2014 Honorable Mention
UPS, 2014 Honorable Mention

Presented in 2014 at the 23rd IAVE World Volunteer Conference Gold Coast, Australia

The 2014 Global Volunteer Program Award


IBM is known for the deep ties between its corporate culture and it global encouragement of and support for the volunteer engagement of its employees in their communities. It is one of the companies for which the phrase “it is in their DNA,” has been true since the company’s founding over a century ago.

At the heart of its strategy is the On Demand community through which 255,000 employees from 120 countries have become involved in the past decade. IBM’s approach and priorities aligns closely with its overall business strategies, is designed to put to work the skills and expertise of its employees while offering them the opportunity for professional development through their involvement.

The award was accepted by Louise Davis, IBM Asia Pacific Corporate Citizenship and Corporate Affairs Executive.

The 2014 Inspiring Practice Award


BD’s Volunteer Service Trip (VST) program typifies the company’s successful combination of cash, product and BD volunteers to address significant problems throughout the world.   This award is given in particular recognition of their trips to Haiti following the devastating earthquake there.

They continue to work hand in hand with their NGO partner, Heart to Heart International, making a huge difference in improving the very fragile Haitian health system. Over 250,000 people have been helped through their many and varied efforts there.

The award was accepted by May Kwai Cheong, Vice President for Central Asia.

The 2014 Honorable Mentions

Credit Suisse was honored for their Global Citizens Program (GCP) is an international skills-based volunteering program which provides a valuable opportunity for employees to immerse themselves in local communities to support the work of their Global Education Initiative (GEI) and Microfinance Capacity Building Initiative (MCBI) grant partners.

RBC (Royal Bank of Canada) was honored for their Global Day of Service Grant Program for employee teams. This program is open to support employee personal interests as well as drive strategic engagement. They provide guided/strategic activities at the start and close of the program period through their Children’s Mental Health signature partner with Ronald McDonald House Charities and the RBC Blue Water Day campaign.

Schneider Electric was honored for their promotion of volunteering in the Schneider Electric Teachers NGO (SET), a new initiative launched in 2012 by their foundation. Current and retired Schneider Electric employees can volunteer their skills and offer an additional contribution to the partners supported by the Foundation.

UPS was honored for the volunteer opportunities they offer their employees worldwide, including their Road Code driving safety program, their disaster relief work around the world and their Neighbor to Neighbor (N2N) program which enables employees at all levels, from senior executives to programmers and drivers, including both full- and part-time employees, to volunteer in areas that leverage their expertise and personal interests.