Volunteer Management in Times of Crisis

Training for Volunteer Managers

About the Virtual Training

It is reported that over 14 million people have fled their homes since Russia’s invasion of the Ukraine, out of which approximately 6 million have left to seek asylum in neighboring countries. Volunteer involving organization in Eastern Europe, particularly the volunteer managers, are at the forefront of the Ukraine crisis response efforts. The massive influx of refugees in need of assistance as well as the growing number of volunteers who are eager to help has posed a significant challenge to volunteer managers. This unprecedented situation has left volunteer managers to juggle the physical, emotional and mental needs of the beneficiaries, while also ensuring the safety and wellbeing of the volunteers.

Understanding the ongoing challenge, IAVE and members of our Global Network of Volunteering Leadership (GNVL) have partnered together to support volunteer managers across Moldova, Ukraine, Romania and Poland, providing tools and best practices which will empower them in their response efforts. A 4-part virtual training course was developed to cover critical topics related to volunteer management during crises. The organizing committee includes Sónia Fernandes of Pista Mágica (Portugal), Liora Arnon & Mimi Cymbalista of The Israeli Volunteer Council, Stuart Garland of Volunteer Ireland, Wolfgang Krell of Augsburg Volunteer Center (Germany), Iluia Barbaneagra of Republican Volunteer Center (Moldova) and Nichole Cirillo of IAVE.

Below are the recordings and slide decks of the the four sessions in the training course, as well as additional resources.

Session 1

Assessing the Situation and the Needs of Refugees

Presented by Ana Gonçalves, Community Action, Pista Mágica

Slide Deck

Additional Resources

  • Infographic – How Trauma Can Affect You (ENG / UKR)
  • Reactions to Trauma (ENG / UKR)
  • Needs Assessment for Refugee Emergencies Chart (ENG / UKR)
  • Understanding Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (UKR)
  • Needs Assessment for Refugee Emergencies Handbook (ENG)
  • Protect. Promote. Recognize Report (ENG)
  • Volunteering in Emergencies Guidelines (ENG)
  • Caring for Volunteers Training Manual (ENG)

Session 3

Training Tools for Volunteers

Presented by Liora Arnon and Mimi Cymbalista, The Israeli Volunteer Council, Israel

Session 4

Resilience and Transition

Presented by Wolfgang Krell, Executive Director, Augsburg Volunteer Center, Germany

Slide Deck

Additional Resources

  • Caring for Volunteers: A Psychosocial Support Toolkit (EN/RU)