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We are very pleased to present this report on the European Conference on Corporate Volunteering, co-hosted by our organizations, August 31-September 1 in Zurich.

The goal of the conference was to significantly advance both the discussion and the practice of corporate volunteering in Europe, engaging key thought leaders as well as executives and managers of companies committed to developing strong, high impact volunteer efforts.

This was a highly engaging, participatory conference, using presentations from companies and NGOs as the starting point for dialogue among participants with emphasis on sharing with and learning from one another.   Our presenters placed particular emphasis on what they have learned from their work and what others can learn from them, on obstacles and challenges they have encountered and on the innovations and solutions they have developed.

This report includes summaries of our plenaries and reports from our 14 Forums, including many of the PowerPoint presentations used in them, as well as general background information on the conference (including our sponsors and participating organizations) and what companies and organizations were represented. Please follow the menu bar below to access that information.

We were very pleased to have this first opportunity for Credit Suisse and IAVE to work in close partnership on a project of this importance. We look forward to continuing that partnership to fulfill our shared commitment to strengthening and increasing the impact of corporate volunteering.

Together, we wish to thank the companies that so generously helped to sponsor the conference, our cooperating organizations that assisted with promotion, our speakers and Forum presenters and all of the participants who brought their energy, commitment and willingness to share their experiences and perspectives with one another.

Zahra Darvishi
Head of Corporate Citizenship Switzerland
Credit Suisse AG

Kathi Dennis
Executive Director

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