Developing internal champions to lead your volunteer effort

Developing internal “champions” to lead your volunteer effort

Sue Gammons, GSK (UK)
Stefan Trappitsch, EMC (Switzerland)

Moderator: Tanya Bell, RBC (Canada)

This session addressed the importance of Internal Champions for volunteer programs within a corporation. GSK presented their PULSE Volunteer Partnership and EMC presented their Community Champions program. After a very animated and interactive discussion three main themes emerged from this popular session.

First, to recruit your initial champions it is extremely important to find a variety of employees in different roles across your organizations, people who have a natural passion for work in the community. Leverage your existing networks to identify employees already actively engaged in the community and offer them the opportunity to help launch the program.

Second, having a deep pool of talent and potential champions to recruit from ensures that there is always fresh energy and enthusiasm for the program. This pool is built through the active sharing of stories and experiences of previous program participants. For continued engagement in the program nothing can surpass the power of real stories and experiences from colleagues.

Third, the success of any program relies heavily on developing, maintaining and leveraging internal champions. Those that are most passionate about the opportunities and their experiences will become biggest advocates for your programs.

Prepared by Tanya Bell, Moderator


Presentation by 
Sue Gammons, GSK

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SUE GAMMONS is the Operations Manager for the PULSE Volunteer Partnership, GSK’s skills-based volunteering initiative. Sue has worked with GSK for over 20 years, in a range of roles across different areas of the business including medically-aligned and scientific roles, managing customer-facing teams and leading global transformational change projects.

Presentation by 
Stefan Trappitsch, EMC

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TANYA BELL is the Manager of Employee Volunteering and Fundraising for RBC, with responsibility for strategy, developing and managing programs effecting almost 80,000 employees globally. Her encouragement of cross platform collaboration and understanding both the business, socio-economic and community impacts, are identifying features of her experience to date.