Implementing a global volunteer program across multiple European markets

Implementing a global volunteer program across multiple European markets

Federica Lamma, Mondelēz International (Switzerland)
Carolyn Lüönd, Biogen International (Switzerland)
Harry Wilson, UPS (Belgium)

Moderator: Lorrie Foster, IAVE (US)

Three companies, UPS, Biogen and Mondelez, shared how they implemented their global volunteer programs across multiple European Markets in a forum session.

Biogen spent time to help three diverse markets: England, Switzerland and Denmark understand the company’s ideas of philanthropy and volunteering and with each successive year their “Care Deeply” Volunteer Day became more successful. Mondelez provided the framework for their global signature theme “healthy lifestyles” and encouraged it to be adapted to markets in England, France, Italy and Spain. UPS provides three focus areas: diversity, environment, and community safety, and creates local committees to choose volunteer projects.

The panelists advice included taking the necessary time to role out a program in different markets. There are no shortcuts. A different NGO partner will most likely be needed in each market and it takes time to develop those relationships. In addition, a local corporate champion will need to be enlisted in each market to make the program a success. CEO’s can help set the pace with significant stretch goals. UPS, for example, is aiming to log 20 million volunteer hours by 2020.

It is also important to acknowledge corporate volunteers in a culturally appropriate way. One forum audience member from South Africa shared how their top volunteers were acknowledged and rewarded with the opportunity to attend a corporate volunteer conference such as this one.

Prepared by Lorrie Foster, Moderator


Presentation by 
Federica Lamma, Mondelēz International

Presentation by 
Carolyn Lüönd, Biogen International

Presentation by 
Harry Wilson, UPS

FEDERICA LAMMA works with Mondelēz’s European HQ and is responsible for the company’s corporate and digital European communications. She has experience in organizing PR events, working with and maintaining strong relationships with NGOs, promoting corporate volunteering month within employees, and supporting the marketing colleagues in creating ad-hoc CRM projects.

CAROLYN LÜÖND is the Senior Manager of Public Affairs for Biogen. In 2010 Carolyn developed and implemented the Corporate Citizenship program for the Zug international HQ. She is responsible for the company’s international CSR activities serving to help affiliates implement global initiatives like Care Deeply Volunteer Day.

HARRY WILSON is the Europe Region Compensation and Benefits Manager for UPS. Harry began working with UPS in 1988 as a part time Loader/Un-loader and has since moved up to hold multiple positions in Human Resources. Prior to his position as the Compensations and Benefits Manager, he was the Director of HR for UPS’s Mid-South District.


LORRIE FOSTER is an independent consultant specializing in corporate-non-profit partnerships, strategic planning and transition leadership. She is currently the Facilitator for IAVE’s Research Working Group on Disaster Response and the Director of IAVE’s Global Corporate Volunteer Council. Prior to joining IAVE she was the Vice President of Council at the Conference Board.