The goal of the conference is to significantly advance both the discussion and the practice of corporate volunteering in Europe, engaging key thought leaders as well as executives and managers of companies committed to developing strong, high impact volunteer efforts. The conference will focus on corporate partnerships– with NGOs, with community and public sector organizations, and with UN agencies as well as company-to company collaborations.  The health and strength of these partnerships is key to impactful corporate volunteering.

The 2017 conference will build on the conversations and learning that took place at the European Conference on Corporate Volunteering held in Zurich in September 2015, as well as the Forum: Corporate Volunteering Response to the Refugee Challenge held in Berlin in May 2016.

The conference format is a mix of plenary sessions and forums. Plenaries are designed to present big ideas and provide inspiration. Forums are breakout sessions where participants share projects, partnership insights and best practices.  The purpose of forums is to stimulate a lively discussion to help shape our thinking and improve our own practices.


The conference is open to:

  • Professionals in the field of corporate citizenship, corporate social responsibility, community relations and volunteering;
  • NGO representatives that facilitate or partner with corporate volunteer programs; 
  • Representatives of United Nations agencies that work with corporate volunteers;
  • Government officials responsible for formulating and implementing government policy and programs related to volunteering.


Telefonica Headquarters and Conference Center
Gran Via 28
28013 Madrid


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Monday, May 8th

Time Monday, May 8th
9:00-9:30 Registration
9:30-9:50 Welcome

Cesar Alienta, President, Fundación Telefónica
Sr. D. Mario Garcés Sanagustín, Secretary of State for Social Services and Equality
Kylee Bates, World President, IAVE
9:50-10:45 Opening Plenary: The Current Environment in Europe for Corporate Volunteering 
10:45-11:15 Coffee Break
11:15-12:30 Plenary Session:
Corporate Volunteering in the Digital Age
How are technologies transforming the way people collaborate?  With the huge drop in the cost of communications, the efforts of planning and organizing people’s work have also lowered.  This session will explore how companies have been using technology to broaden volunteer opportunity channels and to create decentralized models for volunteer collaboration.

José Bendito, United Nations Volunteers
Belén Perales Martín, IBM
Carmen Morenés Giles, Fundación Telefónica
Moderator: Bruno Ayres, V2V.net
12:30-14:00 Forum Session 1
Skills Based and Pro Bono Volunteering
This topic continues to be top of mind for most volunteer managers. How do you choose a project that
is right for your company and your employees? And how do you recognize and put to work the skills of all of your employees, not just high-level professionals? What is an appropriate balance between skills-based and “hands-on” employee volunteering? What are the limits in bringing it “to scale”?

Antoine Colonna d’ Istria, Pro Bono Lab
Carmen Pombo Morales, Fundación Fernando Pombo
Paul Phillips, VSO International
Marion Kiewik, Randstad
Moderator: Jeff Hoffman,  Jeff Hoffman & Associates

Volunteering and Personal and Professional Development
Not only does volunteering “feel good” but also it often helps an individual develop skills they would not otherwise acquire. Leading companies are helping employees leverage and even select volunteer opportunities to boost cross-cultural and technical knowledge as well as leadership development.

Mina Goffo, Credit Suisse
Ana Gomez, Plataforma del Voluntariado de España
Federica Lamma, Mondelez International
Javier Santoyo, NCVO
Moderator: Kylee Bates, IAVE

Leveraging the Impact of Corporate Volunteering through Multicompany Collaboration
Company-to company partnerships in corporate volunteering are rare.  There are many issues to reconcile –different company cultures, goals, stakeholders and approaches to societal issues.  In this forum participants will discuss the example of: Pro Futuro, which aims to bring educational opportunities to disadvantaged youth with a digital mobile classroom.

Ariadna Bardolet Urgelles, Fundación Bancaria “la Caixa”
Sofía Fernández de Mesa, Fundación “Pro Futuro”
Javier Doval, Fundación Pinardi
Tomás Franquet, Melià Hotels International
Moderator: Juan Ángel Poyatos, Voluntare
14:00-15:30 Lunch
15:30-17:00 Forums Session 2

Cross Border Volunteering
Programs that send teams of skilled volunteers across national borders raise issues for companies, for their volunteers and for the places they go to serve. What works? Is it a good investment? How do you develop strong partnerships to implement your programs? How do you select, prepare and train volunteers?
Learn answers from our experienced panelists.

Patricia Benchenna, Schneider Electric
Eva Halper, Credit Suisse
Ana Enrich Milá, Ashoka
Moderator: María Jesús Peréz, CODESPA

Volunteering to Help Refugees
The number of refugees fleeing to Europe in the past two years has not been seen since WWII. While some 
governments balked and stumbled many companies responded to the challenge with funds and enthusiastic employee volunteers willing to provide cultural and on the job mentoring, language training, diversions for children, housing, food and clothing. Learn what corporate volunteers are doing now to ease suffering and smooth the way towards integration for refugees.

Suska Dreesbach, Volunteer Vision
Johan Karlsson, Better Shelter
Belén Perales Martín, IBM
Moderator:  Gabriella Civico, CEV/EVEN

Partnering with the Community and Public Sectors

For-profit companies are developing innovative projects with community and government organizations. Find out the unique benefits and challenges of these types of partnerships from our featured partners.

Daragh Fallon, Abbott Ireland
Ciara Herity, Sligo Volunteer Centre
Vadim Kovalev, Russian Managers Association
Conchita Navarro, Mutua Madrileña
Moderator: Iraida Manzanilla, IAVE
17:00-17:30 Wrap Up
17:30-18:30 Networking Cocktail Reception
21:00-23:00 Dine around Madrid

Tuesday, May 9th

Time Tuesday, May 9th
9:00-9:30 Registration
9:30-10:45 Plenary:
Working to Reverse Youth Unemployment
The unemployment rate for youth in Europe is as high as 40% in some countries. Corporate volunteers have an important role to play in mentoring, skills building, supporting and modeling entrepreneurship and providing insights and opportunities in their workplaces. This session will share how leading companies are approaching this important issue.

Begoña Barberá, Iberdrola
Tammy McFeggan, The Walt Disney Company
Silvia Maldonado, Fundación Bancaria “la Caixa”
Luis Miguel Olivas, Fundación Telefónica
Moderator: Nacho Sequeira, Fundación EXIT
10:45-11:15 Coffee Break
11:15-12:30 Forums Session 3

Aligning Volunteer Programs with the Sustainable Development Goals
Corporations are finding the Sustainable Development Goals to be a good way to define and measure their employee  volunteer programs. A select group of companies are doing an outstanding job of keeping the SDGs visible to their employees and stakeholders and designing volunteer programs with the SDG targets- and the world’s most challenging problems – front and center.

Audrey Guibat Demont, Medtronic
Jordi Sala, The Ritz-Carlton
Jesús Martín Vidal, Nutrition without Borders
Aurelia Takacs, Cisco
Moderator: Jonathas Bareto, Points of Light

The Role of Intrapreneurship in Corporate Volunteering
Entreprenuerial employees of corporations design innovative commercial products and services. Yet  intrapreneurs are also taking risks and developing creative volunteer programs that engage employees in new ways and make a big impact on those in society who most need assistance. They partner with social businesses that turn financial donations and employee mentoring into investments. This session will shed light on this relatively new approach to creating social impact.

Daniel Nowack, Yunus Social Business
Iñigo Blanco, DOT S. Coop
Alicia Lenze, SAP
Moderator: Kylee Bates, IAVE

Partnering in Disaster Response
Humanitarian and natural disasters are occurring at a rapid pace and when they do employees urge their companies to “do something”. However the most effective corporate response to disasters occurs as a result of careful planning before disaster strikes. This session will focus on these partnerships and uncover answers to these questions: What makes them successful? How are they sustained? How do they overcome challenges?

Olaug Bergseth, International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies
Andrea Debbane
, Airbus Foundation
Francisco Moro Gutiérrez, Fundación Telefonica
Manuel Hernandez, Ericsson Response Volunteer
Moderator: Lorrie Foster, IAVE
12:30-13:45 Forums Session 4

New Perspectives on Impact Measurement
Vigorous efforts are underway to measure the impact of corporate volunteering, including the “Impact 2030” initiative. As the field attempts to settle on a common approach now is an opportune time to explore new ideas and possibilities.

Alicia Lenze, SAP
Jorge Mayer, EDP
Sarah Ulrich, Social Impact Consultant
Carme Artigas, Synergic Partners
Moderator: Kenn Allen, IAVE

Planning a Volunteer Program within a wider CSR Strategy
How does your volunteer program fit within your overall corporate social responsibility strategy? How does it relate to your philanthropic giving, your sustainability programs? You supply chain policies? This session will take a step back and view employee volunteer programs from a holistic and strategic perspective.

Jeff Hoffman, Jeff Hoffman & Associates
Eyad El-Khouly, Siemens AG
Estelle Roth, Novartis International AG
Moderator: Jeff Hoffman, Jeff Hoffman & Associates
13:45-14:45 Lunch
14:45-16:00 Conference Wrap-Up and Next Steps

Wolfgang Krell, Augsburg Volunteer Center, IAVE National Representative (Germany)
Moderator: Kenn Allen, IAVE
14:45-16:00 Closing Plenary:
The Value of Collaboration and Partnerships in Corporate Volunteering

Ana Sainz, Directora General, Fundación SERES
Moderator: Kenn Allen, IAVE


Participants are responsible for securing their own accommodations. Use of the site Trivago is helpful in comparing rates. The following hotels are located near the conference venue:

Hotel Atlántico
Calle Gran Via 38

3 minute walk to conference location


TRYP Madrid Gran Vía Hotel
Calle Gran Via 25

1 minute walk to conference location


Petit Palace Plaza del Carmen
Plaza del Carmen 4

4 minute walk to conference location


H10 Villa de la Reina
Calle Gran Via 22

3 minute walk to conference location

Hotel 7 Islas
Calle Valverde 14

2 minute walk to conference location

NH Collection Madrid Suecia
Calle del Marqués de Casa Riera, 4

7 minute walk to conference location


The registration fee covers coffee breaks, lunches, evening reception, materials, and access to all sessions.


Corporations (Non-Members)


Corporate Members


Open to members of IAVE Global Corporate Volunteer Council, Research Working Group on Disaster Volunteering, and Voluntare

NGOs, UN Agencies, Governments