2020 IAVE Corporate Research Project

Updates on the 2020 IAVE Corporate Research Project

2020 IAVE Corporate Research Project

As the world learns to adapt and adopt changes amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, an unprecedented number of volunteers are eagerly waiting to step in to help those in need. IAVE is currently conducting not only a comparative study on corporate volunteering but taking a fresh look into what volunteering looks like today.

The research explores the “State of Health” of corporate volunteering in and across 6 regions of the world. Additionally, we are including Special Reports on region-specific issues aimed to understand the role of technology and the rise in virtual volunteering, disaster and humanitarian volunteering and how companies frame volunteer programs in terms of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Moreover, recently adding how COVID19 has affected volunteers and volunteer programs. This will be a significant update to research conducted in 2010-2011, Global Companies Volunteering Globally published by IAVE’s highly regarded senior consultant Dr. Kenn Allen.

While many are adjusting to working from home our global Research Team remains determined and flexible to the current changes and challenges. Thus far, conducting over a dozen interviews and finding valuable insights into the exciting ways companies are doing good for the local and global community. Although, our team is spread out geographically and made stationary by a  global crisis, Sachal Aneja in India, Dr. Jacob Mati in Africa, Veronica Scheubel in Germany, Benedetta Falletti in Italy, Sarah Middleton in North America and Iraida Manzanilla in Venezuela continue to work collectively and serve as a bridge highlighting the human story to corporate volunteering. The final report will be completed in early 2021 but in the meantime, there will also be a number of forums and webinars highlighting the research.

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