IAVE Leaders

IAVE was founded in 1970 by volunteers from throughout the world – and volunteers continue today to set its strategic direction and guide the organization’s work.

The 11-person international Board of Directors, from 8 countries, meets quarterly, including one in-person meeting annually. The board represents both geographic regions and specific constituent groups.

The IAVE Secretariat, based in Washington DC, provides the professional staff to implement IAVE’s plans and programs.

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The Founding President

Mary Ripley
Founding President
March 19, 1915 – January 27, 2016

In 1970, Mary gathered with a small group of friends in Los Angeles to plan an international conference for volunteers. This was the beginning of IAVE. Mary served as its first President, and dedicated the rest of her life to volunteering, working closely with children and women. On January 27, 2016, Mary passed away in her home state of California, at the age of 100.

Read the biography on Mary’s remarkable life and click here to view the commemorative book dedicated to Mary on her 100th birthday (March 2015).

The Board of Directors

IAVE’s World President who chairs the board is elected by the members. The current World President, elected in 2014 and re-elected in 2018, is Kylee Bates from Australia.

The board is made up of two distinct groups.

The Regional Representatives are elected by members in their respective regions: Africa, Arab Nations, Asia-Pacific, Europe, Latin America, and North America. The current Regional Representatives are: Agnetta Nyalita (Africa, Kenya), Osama Mustafa Suliman (Arab Nations, Sudan), Yoonae Park (Asia-Pacific, South Korea), Mark Molloy (Europe, United Kingdom), Iraida Manzanilla (Latin America, Venezuela), and Jeff Hoffman (North America, United States).

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The Constituency Representatives are elected by the board to bring to it the perspectives of specific constituency groups: global companies, volunteer centers, youth and IAVE’s own Leadership Network (elected by IAVE’s National Representatives). The current constituent representatives are Eduardo Martinez (corporate, United States), Diane Solinger (corporate, United States), Lucila Ballarino (corporate, Spain) and Sam Johnson (youth, New Zealand).

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The Executive Committee

The World President is elected by the members to serve a four year term and is eligible to stand for re-election for an additional two year term. The other officers are elected by the board from its membership. The Chair of the Nominating Committee is appointed by the World President with approval of the board.

Together, these five form the Executive Committee that meets and acts as needed between meetings of the board. The Executive Committee members are: Kylee Bates, Australia, World President; Iraida Manzanilla, Venezuela, Vice President; Jeff Hoffman, United States, Treasurer; Sam Johnson, New Zealand, Secretary; and Mark Molloy, United Kingdom, Chair of the Nominating Committee.

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The Secretariat Team

IAVE’s Secretariat, headquartered in Washington DC, is managed on its behalf by the Civil Society Consulting Group LLC, a consulting firm that works globally in support of volunteering and the development of effective NGOs.

The Secretariat team is responsible for planning and executing all of IAVE’s programs and administrative functions, working under the strategic guidance of and responsibility to the board of directors.

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Life Members

In recognition of their devoted service to IAVE and the volunteer community, the IAVE Board of Directors has named the following individuals as Life Members. The recipients of the lifetime membership have demonstrated exemplary leadership and have made significant contributions to the development of IAVE:

  • Mary Ripley, USA
  • Jacqueline Couste, France
  • Foster Murphy, UK
  • Elizabeth Burns, UK
  • Margaret Bell, Australia
  • Kang-Hyun Lee, South Korea
  • Oknah Kim Lah, South Korea
  • Olga Mallarino de Pizano, Colombia
  • Galina Bodrenkova, Russia