About IAVE National Representatives

The National Representatives are responsible for representing IAVE in their countries – building awareness of our work, promoting membership, maintaining contact with members in the country, contributing to E-IAVE and identifying opportunities for IAVE engagement there.

IAVE National Representatives are appointed by the World President in consultation with the Board of Directors, based on the recommendation of Regional Representatives.

The responsibilities of a national representative are as follows:

1. Promote IAVE as a worldwide leadership organization for volunteering.
2. Serve as a representative and advocate for IAVE in your country.
3. Act as a main point of contact for IAVE and IAVE members in your country.
4. Support and develop IAVE membership in appropriate ways in your country.
5. Build contacts for IAVE in other key agencies and organizations in your country.
6. Encourage active participation in IAVE regional and world conferences.

The usual term of office for IAVE National Representatives is two years, starting from the moment when they are appointed.
National representatives can be either organizations or individuals. In all cases, either the individual or the organization must be a current IAVE member.

IAVE recognizes that circumstances vary widely in different countries, and that the role of our representatives is also likely to be different in different countries.

IAVE National Representatives are both individuals and organizations with recognized experience and expertise in the field of volunteering in their countries.

IAVE National Representatives form a network of peers that allows them to:

  1. Connect to the bigger picture.
    IAVE provides opportunities to understand how the work NRs do in their professional positions fits the bigger picture of what needs to be done to develop, promote and strengthen volunteering in their communities, regions, countries and, ultimately, at the global level.
  2. Connect with other like-minded colleagues.
    IAVE NRs participate in discussions with peers from other communities and countries.
  3. Gain broader support and recognition for their work.
    Take advantage of opportunities to showcase the good work that they are doing, access recent and updated research and knowledge in the field of volunteering, attend IAVE’s convening and  work in teams to share, learn, innovate and implement their initiatives.
  4. Inspire others.
    Tell your story to new audiences. Inspire other volunteer leaders across the world who are committed to creating an enabling environment for volunteering in their communities.

For more information about the role and responsibilities as well as benefits of becoming an IAVE National Representative for your country, please download:
 IAVE National Representative Position Description
 Guidelines for IAVE National Representatives

If you want to become a National Representative for your country, throughly review the position description and guidelines and fill out the IAVE National Representative Application FormPlease email the completed form to [email protected]. You can also email [email protected] with any questions or concerns regarding the IAVE National Representative network.