Carmen Chavarria, Latin America Regional Representative

Carmen Chavarria
Co-founder, Guatemala Volunteer Center

Chair of the Nominating Committee & Latin America Regional Representatives

Carmen was co-founder of the Guatemala Volunteer Center (GVC) and its leader for over ten years, developing national volunteer campaigns, creating management programs, designing workshops and training programs for volunteers and coordinators, organizing fairs, volunteer festivals, etc.

She is part of the National Volunteer Board, which is responsible for developing, evaluating and monitoring the National Volunteering Plan at the government level.  Her experience includes serving as a volunteer coordinator and program manager in local NGOs as well as working together with international organizations such as Good Deeds Day and Save the Children.

She has been involved with IAVE since 2012.  As National Representative for Guatemala she led IAVE’s 7th Latin America Regional Conference in 2017, bringing together volunteer leaders from 25 countries.  She served as a member of the IAVE Nominating Committee in 2017-2018 and as a judge for the 2018 Global Corporate Volunteer Awards.