Lucila Ballarino, Corporate Volunteering Representative

Lucila Ballarino
Corporate Volunteering Representative

Lucila has been working for the Telefónica Group for 15 years, beginning her professional career in HR at Telefónica in Argentina as an expert in Internal Communication and Employee Engagement. Soon afterwards she was assigned to be part of the global HR team in Spain, where Telefónica’s headquarter is based.

Since 2009, Lucila has worked for the Telefónica Foundation where she has always worked in international positions coordinating social programs and the “Telefónica Volunteers” program, offering to the 125,000 Telefónica employees, the opportunity to participate in different volunteering initiatives around the globe. She is currently the Chief Digital Officer at the Foundation.

She has had long involvement in IAVE – representing them on IAVE’s Global Corporate Volunteer Council, leading their participation in our Global Corporate Volunteering Project and proposing development of the work that became “The Big Tent: Corporate Volunteering in the Global Age.”

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