Knowledge Creation and Sharing

IAVE is committed to being a global knowledge and thought leader for volunteering, through original research and analysis and by providing access to the knowledge shared at our conferences.

Here is a brief description of and links to our most recent publications:

Youth Volunteering and Social Change: Challenges and Opportunities

IAVE has a strategic interest in youth volunteering and the key issues that are challenging young people today. Our networks and members continue to place a high priority on their engagement with young people. In listening to these voices, IAVE made the decision to commission three strategic papers on important youth volunteering topics that are focused on key issues impacting young people’s lives.

The Insights Paper on Youth Volunteering, Employability and Sustainable Livelihoods: Exploring the Role of the Corporate Sector and Challenge Paper on Youth Volunteering and Employability were previously published.

Two more Challenge Papers were published in May 2023 on Youth Volunteering and Well-Being: Exploring the Benefits of Engaging in Civic Action; and Youth Volunteering and Activism: Exploring Pathways to Enact Change. These papers highlight the importance of youth volunteering and shine a light on the issues impacting young people and how volunteering is adding value to their lives by giving them a sense of belonging, a sense of purpose, and an opportunity to effect positive change. IAVE hopes the papers will both inform and encourage further global debate to enable greater and more impactful engagement of young volunteers.

On 2nd May, IAVE held a Roundtable in London hosted by Volunteering Matters to continue the global dialogue on Youth Volunteering, Employability and Sustainable Livelihoods. The London event celebrated both the power of youth and the power of volunteering. You can read the report from the Roundtable here or click the link below.

Download Insights Paper

Download Youth Volunteering and Employability Challenge Paper

Download Youth Volunteering and Well-Being Challenge Paper

Download Youth Volunteering and Activism Challenge Paper

Download Youth Volunteering, Employability, and Sustainable Livelihoods Roundtable Report

Volunteering Together to Enable Change and Create a Better World

As part of the preparations for the 2021 World Volunteer Conference with the theme ‘volunteering together to enable change and create a better world’ the Emirates Foundation agreed to support the writing of seven context papers on the conference sub themes.

The context papers, published between July and December 2020, brought forward the current thinking of the time and any relevant research, highlighting case studies to demonstrate impact. In addition, an incredibly special series of online forums was organized to enable the sharing of knowledge and discussion of the issues.

Download the papers and watch the forum series by clicking the links listed below.

Corporate Engagement with the Sustainable Development Goals

This report describes the activities and approaches to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of 14 member companies of the IAVE Global Corporate Volunteer Council.  As an advocate for both volunteering and the SDGs, IAVE ’s hope is that others will learn from these varied and inspiring practices.



Global Companies Volunteering Globally ReportGlobal Companies Volunteering Globally

The report of our landmark research on corporate volunteering, the first such global research ever done. The research focused on the state of health of corporate volunteering in each region of the world plus and examination of how global companies organize and manage their volunteer efforts. The projected was underwritten by members of IAVE’s Global Corporate Volunteer Council as its collective contribution to the field.

Download (English) | Download (Spanish) | Download (Portuguese)


Big Tent ReportThe Big Tent: Corporate Volunteering in the Global Age

Sponsored by the Telefonica Foundation and written by Dr. Kenn Allen, IAVE Senior Consultant. The book explores in depth the history, “inspiring practices,” innovations and challenges that are defining corporate volunteering as a powerful force for change. The book has been translated into Spanish, Japanese, Korean and Mongolian.

Download (English) | Download (Spanish) | Download (Chinese)


Youth & Employment Report Youth, Volunteering and Employment

The final report of research for and discussion at a dialogue, sponsored by the Telefonica Foundation, at the December 2012 IAVE World Volunteer Conference.   This work came in response to the growing global crisis of youth unemployment and reflects IAVE’s belief that volunteering by young people can help prepare them for the paid workforce.

Download (English) | Download (Spanish)



Leading Together in the Face of DisasterDisaster Report

The final report of the Global Dialogue on Corporate-NGO Volunteer Partnerships, sponsored by the UPS Foundation, including both background research and the conclusions of the dialogue held in December 2012. The dialogue examined both the dynamics of partnerships between companies and NGOs and also the roles of corporate volunteers in disaster-related activities.



Getting the Word Out: Volunteering in Africa

An overview report on volunteering in 12 sub-Saharan African countries. Working under the leadership of Navnet, the national volunteer center in Kenya, IAVE National Representatives profiled the current state of volunteering in their countries as part of the 2011 IAVE Africa Regional Meeting. The project was sponsored by the UPS Foundation and Service for Peace




Corporate Volunteering in RussiaCorporate Volunteering Russia Report

The report of research undertaken by the Centre for Study of Civil Society and Non-Profit Sector of the National Research University Higher School of Economics (HSE) in Moscow. Building on IAVE’s global corporate volunteering research, the research developed a picture of the current state of health of corporate volunteering in Russia.