The Universal Declaration on Volunteering:
IAVE Members Share Your Views

IAVE’s vision is ‘a world where volunteering is recognized and supported as vital to creating a fair, peaceful, sustainable, and compassionate world.’ One of IAVE’s strategic goals is to provide a global voice that values and gives recognition to the important contribution of volunteers. IAVE is creating an advocacy framework that acknowledges volunteering as imperative to a healthy civil society. Central to this advocacy framework is IAVE’s Universal Declaration on Volunteering.

The current Declaration was launched at the IAVE World Volunteer Conference in 2001 as part of the UN International Year of Volunteers. Twenty-one years on IAVE still sees value in having a universal declaration that encapsulates, endorses and promotes the value of volunteering to individuals, organizations, and communities everywhere. It is IAVE’s intention to reinvigorate and  relaunch a new Universal Declaration on Volunteering at the 26th World Volunteer Conference in Abu Dhabi 24th – 27th October 2022. This is an exciting challenge and a worthwhile undertaking; the world is in a constant state of flux and volunteering is not immune to change and sometimes transformation. It is important that we take a moment to reflect and restate the importance of every volunteer and their contribution to creating a better world.

We want to hear from you!

IAVE wants its members to help with reshaping a Universal Declaration on Volunteering that can be globally recognised as an advocacy statement to underpin a set of shared values and principles understood and endorsed by individuals and organizations committed to the promotion, support and development of volunteer involvement that creates a more just and sustainable world.

The Universal Declaration on Volunteering: Share Your Views. A range of conversations will take place over the next four months with IAVE members and partners. The first of these will be the Members-Only Discussion Forum that will enable participation from IAVE members, and these conversations will inform the new Declaration. The discussion will be held on three different dates/times to accommodate different time zones and encourage maximum participation from our network.

Please register for one of the following session: 

May 19 @ 12pm EDT/UTC-4

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May 25 @ 7pm EDT/UTC-4

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June 8 @ 8am EDT/UTC-4

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