Before the Beginning

1968 - Before the Beginning

In the fall of 1968, Mrs. Egmont Frankel of Toronto, Canada, President of the Auxiliary of the Princess Margaret Hospital and Lodge, invited 26 women from 11 nations to meet for one week to learn and share in the work volunteers can do in the field of cancer.  Two of the delegates were from the UCLA Center for Health Sciences…Mrs. Burton Clemens (Virginia), Chairman of Volunteers, and Mrs. George F. Wasson, Jr. (Eleanor), Coordinator, Volunteer Services.”

[More]  Virginia and Eleanor “agreed that the experiences of sharing and exchange, of coming together with mutual interests and concerns with women from different parts of the world were among the most valuable each had ever had.  This feeling was realized to such a degree that at the last meeting in Toronto, [they] invited the delegates to come to Los Angeles in 1970 for a similar conference.”  On their return home, they began to meet with relevant community leaders to share their experience and their idea for an international conference. The seeds had been planted.