Volunteer Centers

Over the past decades, we have seen volunteering grow into a global phenomenon with millions of individuals coming from various backgrounds willing to commit their time and abilities to improve the communities they live in. Despite the sudden surge in the number of people getting involved, volunteering does not happen spontaneously. Building a deep sense of camaraderie and unity while creating the appropriate environment to offer meaningful community service opportunities takes time and needs people and organizations or structures committed to making volunteering happen as well as sustaining it.

In developing and supporting volunteer involvement IAVE believes that  all sectors need to join together to create strong, visible and effective local and national/regional volunteer centers as the primary leadership organizations for volunteering. For IAVE, national volunteer centers are structures that, through their functions, sit at the core of building organizational capacity and creating systems to allow individuals to become and remain more engaged.

When referring to a national/regional volunteer center, IAVE focuses on those organizations or structures that display the following primary functions:

  • have as a priority focus the promotion and support of volunteering beyond their programmatic activities thus enabling a culture of volunteering to develop in the wider society;
  • provide capacity building for volunteer involving organizations (VIOs) through training, consultancy and support on volunteer management and volunteer program development;
  • engage in advocacy and lobby activities for the recognition and advancement of volunteering.

By making national/regional volunteer centers a focus of our work, IAVE is taking another significant step forward in creating an enabling environment for the development of a volunteering culture in countries and regions around the world.

IAVE is committed to working in close partnership with national/regional volunteer centers to grow their capacity, increase their impact and build their visibility and recognized value. Click below to find out more about IAVE’s lines of work focusing on national/regional volunteer centers.

Building a worldwide database

We identify and communicate with National/Regional Volunteer Centers around the globe.

Connecting National/Regional Volunteer Centers

You can communicate online with peers from your own field of activity – leaders of National Volunteer Centers.