Join the Global Network

Membership of the Global Network

Membership of the Global Network of National Volunteer Centers is open to those organizations that:

  • Meet the IAVE definition of a National Volunteer Center;
  • Support the IAVE vision and are fully paid up organisational members of IAVE;
  • Endorse the values statement associated with the National Volunteer Center Global Network; and
  • Work with IAVE to support the development of volunteering worldwide.

IAVE Definition of a National Volunteer Centre

  • An organisation whose main mission or priority focus is the national promotion and support of volunteering.
  • An organization that is recognised by government and/or other non-governmental organisations as representing the interests of volunteer involvement
  • An organization that provides and/or has the capacity to provide national strategic leadership for volunteering.

Taking into account global diversity, including a wide range of governmental structures, IAVE will include strategic sub national organizations as appropriate to membership of the Global Network. National is defined by IAVE as relating to an entire country and Sub National is defined by IAVE as a significant political/administrative country sub division.

What the Global Network Offers

  • Opportunity to be part of a Network with a shared value base for volunteering.
  • Opportunity to raise awareness of the important role played by a National Volunteer Center and to showcase your work.
  • Opportunity to learn about the work of National Volunteer Centers and to connect and engage with other similar organizations.
  • Opportunity to exchange and/or share policy and practice and to transfer knowledge.
  • Opportunity to highlight your organization as part of a global network of National Volunteer Centers through use of the IAVE National Volunteer Center Global Network logo.
  • Opportunity to integrate the global volunteering family and strengthen the global volunteering movement.

Applying for Membership of the Global Network

Download the membership application here. Please fill in and send the application from via email to [email protected].

Applications for membership will be considered by the IAVE National Volunteer Center Global Network Steering Committee and recommendations made to the IAVE Board. Applications can be made at any time and a decision on membership will be taken within six weeks of an application.

Note: Please be advised that joining the Global Network of National Volunteer Centers is conditioned upon being a member of IAVE. To find out more details about how to join IAVE, please click here.