Volunteering Together Magazine

We are pleased to share with you IAVE’s Volunteering Together magazine! Volunteering Together is IAVE’s biannual magazine featuring important news from the global volunteer community! The magazine will serve as a new and improved form of the E-IAVE, transitioning from shorter monthly newsletters to a carefully curated quarterly magazine. 

Volunteering Together will become a primary tool to promote, strengthen and celebrate volunteering in all the myriad ways it happens throughout the world. Each issue will be centered around important themes in the volunteering sector.

Past Issues

Issue No. 1

Corporate Volunteering Edition

Issue No. 2

Asia-Pacific Edition

Issue No. 3

World Volunteer Conference Edition

Issue No. 4

Youth Volunteering Edition

Issue No. 5

Latin America Edition

Issue No. 6

Volunteering for Inclusion Edition

Issue No. 7

Solidarity through Volunteering in Times of a Global Crisis Edition

Issue No. 8

Virtual Volunteering Edition