Volunteering Together Magazine [Issue No. 8]

Virtual Volunteering: Making an Impact From Home During a Global Pandemic 

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In this issue:

  • Volunteering and the Digital World – Opportunities and Constraints
    by Helene Perold (South Africa), Bejamin Haas (Germany) & Tony Goodrow (Canada)
  • The A2Z of Corporate Virtual Volunteering Programs
    by Goodera (India)
  • Virtual Mentoring for Youth Development & Food Security
    by Volunteer Center of Trinidad & Tobago 
  • Remote Volunteering: A Necessity Which Has Become an Opportunity
    by Voluntariado y Estrategia (Spain)
  • Being the Change – Volunteering From a Distance
    by Tata Group (India)
  • The Power of Joint Efforts in Peru
    by Ikigai Laboratorio Social (Peru)
  • Telehealth: Leading Transformation in Community Service
    by Voluntary Service, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (United States)
  • Disney VoluntEARS and Virtuality as a Challenge
    by The Walt Disney Company (Argentina)
  • An Interview with Deedar Guerra, Vice President of CNV Mozambique
  • News from the Wide World of IAVE