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Welcome to IAVE’s Board Osama and Sam!

The results of the Arab Nations Regional Representative and Male Youth Representative nominations are in! Please give a huge welcome to Osama Mustafa Suliman and Sam Johnson for becoming new members of IAVE’s Board of Directors!

About Osama and Sam

Osama Suliman

Osama Mustafa Suliman
Arab Nations Regional Representative 

First appointed in August 2012, Osama has been an active national representative for Sudan, effectively increasing membership and encouraging participation of Sudanese members in IAVE’s conferences. Thanks to Osama’s efforts these past few years, Sudan has the largest number of memberships in the Arab Nations region, spanning from all regions of Sudan. Osama has also consistently contributed articles for the E-IAVE, IAVE’s newsletter, and has take the initiative to promote active communication between the national representatives of the Arab Nations. He is Program Coordinator at the Sudanese Red Crescent.

Sam JohnsonSam Johnson
Male Youth Representative 

Sam is recognized as an important youth leader in New Zealand and the global volunteer community through his various accomplishments. He founded the Student Volunteer Army in 2010, following the Christchurch earthquake. Since then, he has been a figure for mobilizing youth volunteers in disaster response. Sam is regularly called upon to lead the establishment of the SVA model for communities worldwide who are also experiencing disasters. Most recently he aided in the relief of the Nepal earthquake. Sam’s work and leadership has earned him several recognitions, including the 2012 Youth New Zealander of the Year award.

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26 Responses

  1. Congratulations, Osama and Sam!!! I think you will both be wonderful additions to the IAVE Board. I will miss being on the Board. It has been an amazing 6 years for me, but I know that Osama will be an excellent replacement for me. And I am sure that Sam will make great contributions to the various IAVE youth initiatives.

  2. Mónica Galiano

    Hi, Sam! I´m very happy you are on Board now. Your experience will add a lot for IAVE´s youth strategies.
    Osama, congratulations for your work, welcome. Looking forward to meeting you soon.
    Mónica Galiano, from IAVE Secretariat. Consultant on Corporate Volunteering for LatinAmerica.

  3. Ruth MacKenzie

    Congratulations to you both. I know you will be a fantastic addition to the board and I so look forward to working with you. Don’t hesitate to reach out to me if I can be of any assistance.

  4. Name*

    Hanan Elsinari -Mr. / President of the Association and the Secretary General and all members of the International Association of Voluntary efforts, especially Sudan congratulate and sailor congratulations Brother volunteer active locally, regionally and internationally Alakulaimay elected representative Osama Mustafa Suleiman and that this choice coincided with his family and it is worthy of the choice and we are fully and great confidence that he would be greater than what you would expect in Humanitarian and Voluntary work.
    Congratulations connected to young Sam Johnson and we wish them all success in their new positions and to see a tie in their reign further development and progress and tender in the field of voluntary work regionally and globally.
    We wish Dr. Patricia Nabety luck and thank her for the period she spent was a bus and tender in the field of voluntary work and wish her success in her career and hope in the ongoing cooperation in the Association extended its ideas and great plans and strategies, which raised the Association during her term.

  5. rabab

    Congratulations to you both. specially osama great work from success to another .i’m really happy for you both 🙂

  6. Barka Shahbal

    Congratulations to Osama and Sam, both of you are great people and I am sure you will make a beneficial contribution to the IAVE Board. I wish you both, the best in your effort to take further the work of volunteering particularly in our region.
    Thank you Patricia for your dedicated contribution towards raising the level of IAVE in this region. I am sure, you will continue to be available to us as a guide to further strengthen IAVE in the region and globally. Best wishes and stay in touch.Barka, IAVE

  7. Elezuo, Elezuo Okorie

    From all of us in Nigeria, congratulations to both of you Osama Mustapha Suliman and Sam Johnson on your elections.

    We wish you all the best in your effort to take IAVE to greater heights.