We are pleased to welcome participants from all over the world to Augsburg, Germany, host of the 25th IAVE World Volunteer Conference and the 9th World Youth Volunteer Conference in 2018. Come and enjoy our wonderful town in southern Germany with all its diversity, commitment to citizenship and sustainability, and its impressive Bavarian and Swabian traditions and innovations!


About Augsburg

Augsburg is one of the oldest cities in Germany with a rich history and culture. First founded as a Roman garrison camp by the Emperor Augustus in 15 B.C., it was later declared as the capital Augusta Vindelicum of the Roman province of Raetia.

Augsburg was the center of the German Renaissance. Internationally prominent families such as the Fuggers and the Welsers hail from the city. The city prides itself for being a Free Imperial City for over 500 years. Due to this, Augsburg is welcoming of all types of cultures and religions. It is well known for its diverse and harmonious demographic.

About IAVE’s World Volunteer Conference

Since the very first conference in 1970, the IAVE World Volunteer Conference has been the premier gathering point for volunteer leaders from throughout the world, for people who share a commitment to volunteering as a means to build understanding across borders through the active engagement of people in service to their communities, to their societies and to the world.

The importance of the conference was reflected in its role as the kick-off event, held in Amsterdam, of the United Nations International Year of Volunteers in January 2001 and, in Singapore, of IYV+10 in 2011. Attendance has grown to almost 1,000 global, national and local leaders of volunteering from civil society organizations (NGOs), grassroots community initiatives, business, religion, education and government. Everyone is welcome to share their experiences, expertise and enthusiasm as we meet, learn and recommit together.

Since 1998 the conference has been complemented by the World Youth Volunteer Conference Typically scheduled in the few days prior to the world conference, these are special opportunities for young volunteers, up to age 30, to meet together, volunteer together, learn and reflect together, and begin relationships that can last for many years.

Partnership with Volunteer Center Augsburg

For the first time in IAVE’s history, Germany will hosting the World Volunteer Conference. The host organization for the 25th IAVE World Volunteer Conference and the 9th IAVE World Youth Volunteer Conference is Volunteer Center Augsburg. They are working with several local (City of Augsburg’s Office of Youth and Family and Office for Citizen Commitment; Youth Circle Augsburg), regional (lagfa bayern e.V.) and national (bagfa e.V.) partners to make this conference a reality.

About the Venue

Kongress am Park Augsburg
Gögginger Str. 10, 86159 Augsburg, Germany

The 25th IAVE World Volunteer Conference will be held at the Kongress am Park Augsburg convention center. Built in 1972 at the northern edge of the Wittelsbacher Park,  the beautiful center symbolizes Augsburg’s rich historical culture. It is a popular venue for many major events hosted in the city. 







Augsburg is located in the heart of Europe! It is only a few hours away from some of Europe’s major cities.

By plane
The closest airport to Augsburg is the Munich Airport (90 km away). You can reach Augsburg by car or by train (in approximately 1.5 hour).

By train
Augsburg lies on the main railway line from Paris to Budapest. All trains traveling on that line stop in Augsburg.

By Car
If you are coming from Munich, Nuremberg or Stuttgart take A8 München-Stuttgart (autobahn) and exit at the Augsburg West junction. To get to the city center, take B17 towards Landsberg and exit at B300/A-Zentrum.

If coming from the south (Allgäu, Austria and Switzerland) take A96 (autobahn) and exit at the Landsberg a.L. Nord junction. Follow B17 toward Augsburg and exit at Eichleitnerstrasse. At the traffic light turn right onto Eichleitnerstrasse and follow this street until it ends. Turn right onto Gögginger Strasse and continue to the city center.
EU nationals
EU nationals do not need a visa to enter the Federal Republic of Germany.

Non-EU nationals
Generally speaking, all other foreigners do require a visa to visit Germany. A visa is not required for visits of up to 90 days for those who are fro countries where the European Community has waived the visa requirement. Click here to find out if you need a visa to visit Germany.
There are several hotels in Augsburg.
To find a place to stay during your visit click here.
The euro (EUR) is the official currency of Germany. Please click here for current conversion rates.

Credit cards and checks are accepted although smaller amounts are usually paid in cash.
The official language in Germany is German, but in Augsburg the Bavarian-Swabian dialect is spoken.
Germany lies in a temperate climate zone of the northern hemisphere. Therefore the city has very distinct four seasons: Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. During the Fall, visitors can enjoy the beautiful autumn foliage. The season is also known as “Golden October”.


The 25th IAVE World Volunteer Conference will take place during the Fall. The weather may vary. Please bring suitable shoes and clothing for wind and precipitation, a warm jacket, scarf and other winter-wear.

Augsburg is more than 2000 years old and a gem of the Romantic period. Architecture from the Renaissance era can be seen throughout the city with splendid fountains and magnificent streets with great southern European and Mediterranean flair. Visitors can sample sidewalk cafés and Bavarian beer gardens right in the middle of the Fugger City between the rivers Wertach and Lech. During the winter season,  you can peruse through the 500 year old Augsburger Christmas Market. There are many attractions within the city where you can explore thousands of years of German history. 

About Volunteer Center Augsburg

Nearly twenty years ago the Freiwilligen-Zentrum Augsburg (VC – Volunteer Center of Augsburg) was founded under the slogan “Live together, grow together!”, symbolized by their mascots Freya and Willi living together symbiotically.

Volunteer Center Augsburg’s mission is to foster volunteering in Augsburg by informing and consulting its citizens, enhancing the communication between volunteers, and by supporting organizations and citizens’ initiatives for more volunteer commitment and sense of social responsibility. With these objectives, Volunteer Center Augsburg works closely with the various partners in the Alliance for Augsburg (Bündnis für Augsburg). Since 2012 the Bavarian Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs has funded the organization as a the official center for volunteer coordination. Today more than 900 volunteers are engaged in projects through the Volunteer Center Augsburg.

About IAVE

IAVE exists to promote, strengthen and celebrate volunteering in all of the myriad ways it happens throughout the world. With members in 70+ countries, we are the connective tissue of a global network of leaders of volunteering, NGOs, businesses and national volunteer centers that share our belief in the power of volunteers to make a significant strategic contribution to resolving the world’s most pressing problems.

IAVE’s work is concentrated in four core functions:advocacy for recognition of the importance of volunteering and creation of an enabling environment that supports it; knowledge development and dissemination through research and organized learning activities; network development such as through our Global Corporate Volunteer Council (GCVC) and our Global Network of National Volunteers Centers and, convening through our world and regional conferences and virtually through webinars.

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