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Augsburg is one of the oldest cities in Germany with more than 2000 years of history and culture. First founded as a Roman garrison camp by the Emperor Augustus in 15 B.C., it was later declared as the capital Augusta Vindelicum of the Roman province of Raetia.

Augsburg was the center of the German Renaissance. Internationally prominent families such as the Fuggers and the Welsers hail from the city. The city prides itself for being the City of Peace for over 500 years. The Peace of Augsburg in 1555 is known around the world after which the rights of religious minorities in imperial cities were to be legally protected. Today the Peace of Augsburg means the social responsibility for living peaceful together in a multicultural and multireligious world. Due to this, Augsburg is welcoming of all types of cultures and religions. It is well known for its diverse and harmonious demographic.

Augsburg is not just a popular destination for city and culture tourists. Augsburg has a university and a university of applied science  and is a location for exhibitions and congresses. Furthermore Augsburg  is location for worldwide known companies as Premium Aerotec (Airbus Group), Kuka, MAN, Siemens or Osram.






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