IAVE exists to promote, strengthen and celebrate volunteering in all of the myriad ways it happens throughout the world. With members in 70+ countries, we are the connective tissue of a global network of leaders of volunteering, NGOs, businesses and national volunteer centers that share our belief in the power of volunteers to make a significant strategic contribution to resolving the world’s most pressing problems.

IAVE’s work is concentrated in four core functions:advocacy for recognition of the importance of volunteering and creation of an enabling environment that supports it; knowledge development and dissemination through research and organized learning activities; network development such as through our Global Corporate Volunteer Council (GCVC) and our Global Network of National Volunteers Centers and, convening through our world and regional conferences and virtually through webinars. Learn more.


NNearly twenty years ago the Freiwilligen-Zentrum Augsburg (VC – Volunteer Center of Augsburg) was founded by SKM – Catholic Association for Social Services under the slogan “Live together, grow together!”, symbolized by their mascots Freya and Willi living together symbiotically.

Volunteer Center Augsburg’s mission is to foster volunteering in Augsburg by informing and consulting its citizens, enhancing the communication between volunteers, and by supporting organizations and citizens’ initiatives for more volunteer commitment and sense of social responsibility. With these objectives, Volunteer Center Augsburg works closely with the various partners in the Alliance for Augsburg (Bündnis für Augsburg). Since 2012 the Bavarian Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs has funded the organization as a the official Center for Volunteer Coordination. Today more than 900 volunteers are engaged in projects through the Volunteer Center Augsburg. They are coordinated by 12 part-time employees. Learn more.


SKM Federal Association, Düsseldorf • SKM Augsburg
Catholic Association for Social Services

SKM’s mission is to improve the social conditions of people in need by offering a variety of service and supporting them through the process of tackling their problems. SKM also works to motivate and empower people to get involved in social-charitable service in church and society. Our work is characterized by a cooperation-based partnership between competent, experienced employees, volunteers, and members of the local community.

Freya and Willi

Rhino Willi and cattle egret Freya are our mascots who have been with us from the beginning. In Africa, these two animals live together in symbiosis for mutual benefit. Thus, for us, they are a symbol of the goals of our work: living together and growing together with engaged citizens who are making their lives together for themselves and others.


Federal Association of Volunteer Agencies (bagfa e.V.)

The Federal Association of Volunteer Agencies (bagfa e.V.) is a registered society and acts as both an umbrella organization and a professional association, promoting and empowering Volunteer Agencies on the ground. Bagfa’s goal is to generate greater awareness for and appreciation of the achievements of Volunteer Agencies, as well as to improve their operating conditions. Learn More.

The Bavarian Association of Volunteer Centers and Volunteer Agencies (lagfa bayern e.V.)

The Bavarian Association of Volunteer Centers and Volunteer Agencies (lagfa bayern e.V.) promotes, strengthens and supports the development of volunteering throughout Bavaria. The mission of the lagfa bayern e.V. is to enhance the institutional support for all those who are willing to volunteer and is working with the government, non-profit organisations, industry and commerce. The members of the lagfa bayern e.V. are Volunteer Agencies (FA), Volunteer Centers (FZ) and Centres for Coordination of Volunteer Efforts (KoBE). lagfa bayern e.V. advises local communities, associations and citizens’ initiatives in establishing an FA, FZ or KoBE and advises FA/FZ/KoBE in their ongoing work. Furthermore lagfa bayern e.V. ensures the exchange and networking among the members, supports them at the local public relations and local actions such as volunteer fairs and provides training for professional and volunteer staff. Learn more.

Stadt Augsburg (City of Augsburg)

The City of Augsburg’s Office for Children, Youth and Family (AKJF) is considered important in Augsburg in socio-political terms due to its complex social structure. It is responsible for questions concerning families, children and young people. These areas include, among other things, adoptions and foster children, guardianship and wardships, youth protection and youth welfare, educational counselling, family education or community youth work. Learn more.

The City of Augsburg’s Office for Civic Engagement (BBE) is the central point of contact for promoting voluntary civic engagement in the city of Augsburg and, together with many partners, creates framework conditions conducive to engagement. This includes, among other things, the development of qualification modules, the creation of a culture of recognition for volunteering, the support of interested individuals as well as the development of new fields of engagement. The BBE is supporting the preparations for the 25th World Volunteering Conference to be held in the city in October 2018 and look forward to the positive effect the event will have on volunteering in the city community. The Office is also home to the Alliance for Augsburg, which works to improve the quality of life in the city through a variety of programs and activities.

Read more details about the City of Augsburg commitment and efforts in promoting volunteering here.

The Association of Voluntary Centers in the German Caritas Association

The Association of Voluntary Centers in the German Caritas Association is a merger of 53 volunteer centers from all over Germany and one volunteer center in Austria. Together, they are developing their volunteer offerings. The Association of Volunteer Centers in the German Caritas Association supports and promotes the volunteer commitment and shapes the social conditions in Germany. Learn more.

European Volunteering University (EUV)

EUV focuses on research linked to volunteering and the volunteer sector. It was first established in 1993 and is a traveling university, taking place every time in a different European city.

The aim is, on one hand, to map the current state of research on voluntary work, especially but not only in Europe and also to contribute to knowledge transfer and exchange between theory and practice. Learn More.






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