Conference Program

Plenary Sessions


Plenary Session 1: Opening plenary – Volunteering in a Changing World

Opening panel (Helmut Anheier, Cristina Rigman, Olivier Adam) and featured presentation by Dr. Dhananjayan Sriskandarajah of CIVICUS.

Plenary Session 2: The Future(s) of Volunteering

Interactive session lead by IFRC’s Aarathi Krishnan and UNV’s Emma Morley.

Plenary Sessions 3: Partnering for Impact

Presentation of the Global Corporate Volunteering Awards and featured presentation by Felix Finkbeiner of Plant-for-the-Planet.

Plenary Session 4: Volunteering for Development

Featured presentation by Gerd Muller, Federal Minster of Germany, and a panel on Innovations in Volunteering Worldwide.

Plenary Session 5: Closing plenary – Up,up and awayyy!

Featured presentation by Dr. Jemilah Mahmood of IFRC and closing remarks of Kylee Bates, Lord Mayor Kurt Gribl and Wolfgang Krell.