Engage with a global network of volunteer leaders from 50+ companies across countries, regions and industries. IAVE’s corporate members share inspiring practices, provide insights and inform cutting edge research on corporate volunteering. When you become a member, you’ll be part of a global movement, raising awareness of the impact companies can have in addressing the world’s most pressing global issues through employee volunteering.

Membership Categories

Business Partner Membership

For companies with operations in two or fewer regions of the world.


Listing on IAVE website

Subscription to IAVE monthly newsletter

Subscription to IAVE bi-annual Volunteering Together Magazine

Complimentary admission to IAVE webinars

Access to IAVE research and white papers

One-hour virtual program assessment of employee volunteer program by IAVE corporate volunteer expert

Participation in a special annual virtual Global Corporate Volunteer Council roundtable designed to share best practices on launching or expanding a global employee volunteer program

Global Corporate Volunteer Council

For companies operating in at least three regions of the world.


All BUSINESS PARTNER benefits, Plus:

Monthly GCVC events to share inspiring practices and challenges. This includes at least two in-person meetings annually

Up to ten members of your team can be added to invitation lists for virtual meetings, GCVC e-newsletters and IAVE publications

Preferred rates on IAVE consulting services

Preferred rates for IAVE’s signature employee volunteer program, ResilienCities™

Access to GCVC Members Only Website and online sharing platform

Learn more about GCVC here

IAVE Leadership Circle


When people get involved in their communities, things change for the better. They know the issues and problems that need attention, connections are made and people, acting as volunteers, become engaged in the world around them.  It is for this reason that across the world, volunteers are relied upon as a place to turn when help is needed, but also, as a force that enables social change.    

IAVE’s mission is centered on these volunteers, and the leaders who champion volunteering in their companies, countries and communities.  And as the world comes back from a global pandemic, we are prepared to do even more to ensure volunteers have the support and resources they need to thrive.  This means growing the expertise and impact of these volunteer leadership organizations through training and capacity development, sharing our knowledge and best practices, and by lifting up the importance of volunteering in spaces of influence at the global level.

But IAVE cannot – nor should not, do this work alone.

We need companies who share our commitment to join us in investing in the global volunteering sector and helping to ensure the voice of volunteering is heard, and recognized – now more than ever, as an essential part of civil society.   In short, companies who are visible champions of the power of volunteering to create a better future for us all. 

Being a part of this leadership circle means joining a select group of other global businesses who see support for volunteering as essential and the opportunity to signal to employees and consumers alike, their commitment to social impact towards a just and sustainable world.

Please join us by reaching out today.

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