Corporate volunteering – any effort by an employer to encourage and support the volunteer efforts of their employees – is a dynamic global force, driven by companies that want to make a significant difference to serious global and local problems.

That was the primary conclusion of IAVE’s landmark global research study on corporate volunteering. The final report of that research went on to say:

“In the 30+ years since corporate volunteering was first defined as a discreet set of activities, it has grown from “nice to do” community relations into a globally-recognized strategic asset that benefits society, the employees who volunteer and the companies that encourage and support their work.”

Increasingly, corporations are seeking to focus their volunteer efforts on specific priorities, leveraging all of their resources – human, financial, in-kind and relational – to maximize their impact across a broad range of human, social, economic and environmental problems.

Since 2006, IAVE has steadily grown its strategy to promote, strengthen and celebrate corporate volunteering throughout the world.


The IAVE Global Strategy to Support Corporate Volunteering

Network Development

IAVE’s Global Corporate Volunteer Council (GCVC) is the only leadership network for global companies, headquartered throughout the world, that share a commitment to engaging their employees as volunteers in their communities. This year, over 50 global corporations will share with and learn from one another, working together to increase the impact of their volunteer efforts.

Red/e Latinoamericana de Voluntariado Corporativo is at the core of IAVE’s Latin American corporate strategy that now has more than 2,000 people from nearly 20 countries participating. Local and regional companies are offered opportunities for learning, sharing and improving their programs through monthly virtual meetings and webinars conducted in Spanish. We also encourage and support the development of corporate volunteer councils in the region and develop corporate-focused program elements for IAVE regional conferences.


In all aspects of our global strategy, IAVE is a strong advocate for corporate volunteering – encouraging corporations to do more, to do it better and to increase their impact. Sessions focused on corporate volunteering and on development of strong corporate-NGO partnerships are part of all of our world and regional conferences. We are working closely with the United Nations, GCVC member companies and other NGOs to encourage recognition of corporate volunteering as a unique asset that can be put to work to address the forthcoming Sustainable Development Goals.

Learn about winners of the Global Corporate Volunteering Awards.

Knowledge Development

Development of new knowledge about corporate volunteering is ongoing at IAVE – from the first-ever global “state of health” assessment to in-depth reflection on its development and future (The Big Tent) to a focus on specific programmatic priorities, such as in disaster relief, efforts to address youth unemployment and the Sustainable Development Goals.


In 2015, we co-hosted the very first European Conference on Corporate Volunteering with Credit Suisse, member of IAVE’s Global Corporate Volunteer Council (GCVC). 

The second European Conference on Corporate Volunteering was in 2017, co-hosted with Telefonica, another member of GCVC.