What We Do


IAVE empowers volunteer leaders worldwide to work collaboratively for the greater good. We invest in advocacy, leadership development, and knowledge creation and sharing. We promote volunteering in the diverse ways it happens throughout the world. 


IAVE brings together volunteers, nonprofits, corporations, and government agencies to strengthen relationships, learn from thought leaders, share best practices, and be inspired by how volunteer efforts can improve communities across the globe. Since 1970, we have convened more than two dozen World Volunteer Conferences, working with local partners in every region. Regional Volunteer Conferences and Special Interest Convenings focus additional attention on timely issues for target audiences.


In local and international venues, IAVE promotes volunteering as vital to creating a fair, peaceful and compassionate world. We foster conversation across economic and political sectors, and spark partnerships that advance the effectiveness of volunteering around the world. 

Leadership Development

 As the largest global network of volunteer leaders, we enable members to learn from and support one another. We also seek to raise the legitimacy of volunteering, amplifying its value through the creation of a global network of leader-practitioners who speak to the value of volunteering in building safe, civil and resilient societies.

Thought Leadership

As a global authority and innovator on volunteering, IAVE advances learning and knowledge sharing on effective volunteer practices. We have pioneered numerous research efforts on volunteering, disseminate knowledge through a wide variety of mediums, and convene regular global and regional gatherings of volunteer leaders for knowledge sharing.