Global Network of Volunteering Leadership


IAVE’s Global Network of Volunteering Leadership (GNVL) is a peer-to-peer network that allows engaged volunteering organizations around the world to share insights and forge global partnerships. Members receive special support and opportunities from IAVE, such as access to virtual learning sessions and invitations to in-person events. 

Photo: National Leadership Structure Meeting, Mexico

Why a Leadership Network?

IAVE brings together leadership organizations focused on volunteering from across the world to share best practices, learn from each other, and form global partnerships. National and regional networks organize around common learning initiatives to help move volunteering forward.

GNVL Membership


GNVL provides a unique peer-to-peer network which allows members to engage with one another to share insights and form global partnerships. Members receive special support and opportunities from IAVE, such as access to virtual learning sessions and invitations to in-person events. Through GNVL, members can engage and form partnerships with members of IAVE’s Global Corporate Volunteer Council, a leadership network for global companies.

Photo: National Leadership Structure Meeting, London

Platform to Network and Engage

Opportunities to engage and interact with other members of the network through a members-only platform that allows for peer-to-peer engagement. Members will be provided with a membership badge that can be displayed on their website.

Invitation to Specialized Convenings

An invitation to our biennial Tools for Volunteering Leadership Conference and to regional network-gatherings, organized in parallel to IAVE’s convenings, offering tools and networking opportunities to help build your capacity as volunteering leadership organizations.

Grants and Funding Opportunities

Funding grants for organizational capacity development.

GNVL Fellowship Program

The opportunity to apply for the IAVE GNVL Fellowship, a year-long leadership development program for select network members.

Virtual Learning Sessions

Access to virtual learning and development opportunities, including skills-based webinars, toolkits, and resources for volunteering.

Advocates for Volunteering

The opportunity to work together to advocate for volunteering, enhancing recognition for its importance and adding greater value to the support of global initiatives such as the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Engagement with Corporate Partners

Engagement opportunities with the members of IAVE’s Global Corporate Volunteer Council (GCVC), the only leadership network for global companies, headquartered throughout the world, that share a commitment to engaging their employees as volunteers in their communities.

Who Can Join?

GNVL welcomes organizational members from all regions in the world. Below is criteria IAVE uses to identify membership eligibility:

Promoting & supporting volunteering

The organization is recognized by IAVE as a leadership for volunteering organization, showing evidence of operating at a national level or a strategic regional level to promote and support volunteering.

Active partnerships with multiple sectors

The organization must show evidence of linkages and/or active partnerships with volunteer-involving organizations, government and corporations, as well as institutions such as United Nations Volunteers when appropriate.

Commitment to IAVE's values and vision

The organization believes in the values and vision of IAVE and is prepared to work with us, being our ambassador. The organization commits to actively engage with IAVE through, disseminating and sharing information, inviting and engaging new members.

We warmly encourage each participant in the Global Network of Volunteer Leadership to become an organizational member of IAVE. However, we value the diverse contributions of an inclusive network, and do not charge to be part of GNVL.

Our Members

With 190 members from Africa, Asia-Pacific, Arab Nations, Europe, Latin America and North America, GNVL is a globally diverse network of leadership organizations advocating for volunteering.

Join today

To get more information about your organization’s eligibility and to become a member, please contact our GNVL team at [email protected].