Global Corporate Volunteer Council


A global network of corporate social responsibility leaders

IAVE’s Global Corporate Volunteer Council (GCVC) is the only leadership network for global companies, headquartered throughout the world, that share a commitment to engaging their employees as volunteers in their communities. By equipping Social Impact professionals with the tools and resources they need, GCVC helps its members advance their global employee volunteer programs, as well as excel in taking on the challenges of a complex and ever-changing world.

Membership Benefits

GCVC provides places to connect, share and collaborate with a community of members at in-person meetings and events, in on-line forums and at IAVE regional and global conferences. Companies gain insights into best practices to help benchmark their company’s volunteering programs on a global scale. GCVC is a unique space to showcase your company’s commitment to volunteering and position it as a global corporate leader in the field.

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Network and Affinity

GCVC provides places to share, collaborate and connect to a community of members at in-person meetings and events, in on-line forums and at IAVE regional and global conferences.

  • Engagement with a truly global network spanning all regions, and industries.
  • Access to a secure space to learn, collaborate, and connect with peers.
  • Opportunities to work with multi-lateral agencies such as United Nations Volunteers, to gain valuable insight into how to approach and champion the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Connection with other members that can lead to collaborative projects – globally, regionally and nationally.

Learning and Insights

  • Participation in knowledge development initiatives and access to global research on corporate volunteering.
  • Invitations to purpose-driven convenings to understand critical issues and policy, and to share inspiring practices, challenges and insights, such as the Corporate Response to the Refugee Challenge.
  • Monthly virtual sessions with industry leaders for knowledge skills-building, and issue-specific learning sessions. Topics include impact measurement, digital volunteering, models for transformational partnerships with NGOs, governments and other companies and more.
  • A searchable database of members’ employee volunteer programs, meeting summaries, webinar recordings, articles and research.
  • Access to our unique Ask a Member Feature: Quick benchmarking questions answered by members in five regions of the world enabling sharing of ideas, strategies, templates, and other resources.
  • Opportunity to participate in special-interest study groups – e.g., the Research Working Group on Disaster-Related Corporate Volunteering where members work towards determining best practices in disaster volunteering and corporate-NGO partnerships.

Brand Recognition and Support

  • Identification with global companies that share your commitment to volunteering.
  • Positioning as a global corporate leader for the promotion of volunteering.
  • Opportunity to present your volunteer program at GCVC meetings and conferences for visibility and feedback from peers.
  • Consideration for biennial Global Corporate Volunteering Awards.

Individualized Support

  • Consultation with expert staff to benchmark, understand best practices and review initiatives to support development of your programs.
  • Special Peer Assist sessions where members can share a challenge and get solutions.
  • Unlimited members of your team can be added to invitation lists for webinars and to the distribution list for the quarterly Volunteering Together magazine and other publications.

Join a Global Network of Like-Minded Companies

Engage with a global network of 50+ companies across countries, regions and industries. Tap into a unique collaborative environment, where companies share practices and insights on addressing the world’s most pressing global issues through employee volunteering.

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Areas of Focus

GCVC members gather in at least two in-person and four virtual meetings each year. Each is an opportunity for them to learn from one another and to hear from experts in the field on key topics such as:

  • Impact measurement
  • Strategies for employee engagement
  • Models for cross-sector partnerships
  • Alignment with overall business strategy
  • Alignment with grant strategies 
  • Employee leadership & skills development
  • Virtual & micro volunteering
  • Disaster-related volunteering
  • Recognition model for employee volunteers
  • Volunteer program to promote racial equity

Join today

Membership in GCVC is for those with global responsibility for their company’s employee volunteer program. To qualify, companies must operate in at least three regions of the world. Learn more about our current members here. To discuss how we can best support you in developing your company’s employee volunteering program and to become a part of this network, please contact Lorrie Foster, IAVE’s Director of Corporate Strategy, at [email protected].

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