Global Corporate Volunteer Council


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IAVE’s Global Corporate Volunteer Council (GCVC) is the only leadership network for global companies, headquartered throughout the world, that share a commitment to engaging their employees as volunteers in their communities.

GCVC Meeting in London, UK (April 2019)

The 50+ member companies share with and learn from one another, working together to achieve a shared vision of “a world in which community needs are better met because of global companies releasing the energy, passion and talent of their employees in the communities where they do business.”

Launched in 2006, GCVC now includes companies from Africa, Asia-Pacific, Europe, Latin America and North America. All global companies – defined as those that operate in at least three of the six regions of the world – are invited to become a member of GCVC.

GCVC aims to showcase both proven and promising practices in corporate volunteering while raising awareness of the impact companies are having on critical human, social, environmental and economic problems throughout the world.

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GCVC Dinner at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (November 2017)

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In 2019, IAVE published a report compiling the activities and approaches to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of 14 member companies of the IAVE Global Corporate Volunteer Council.  As an advocate for both volunteering and the SDGs, IAVE ‘s hope is that others will learn from these varied and inspiring practices. Click the button below to see the report:

Corporate Engagement with the Sustainable Development Goals

GCVC Members at the 25th IAVE World Volunteer Conference in Augsburg, Germany (October 2018)
GCVC Meeting in Atlanta, GA, USA (June 2018)

GCVC members gather in at least two in-person and four virtual meetings each year. Each is an opportunity for them to learn from one another and to hear from experts in the field on topics like these:

  • Impact measurement
  • The many models of skills based volunteering
  • Corporate volunteering as a strategy for employee engagement
  • Building a partnership with the HR department
  • Volunteering as a means of building leadership and job skills
  • Models for transformational partnerships with NGOs, governments & other companies
  • Aligning the corporate volunteer program with overall business strategy
  • Developing and implementing a global volunteer program
  • On-line/micro-volunteering
  • Disaster-related employee volunteering
  • Days/weeks/months of service
  • Effective ways of recognizing employee volunteers
GCVC Members at the 25th IAVE World Volunteer Conference in Augsburg, Germany (October 2018)
GCVC Members in Berlin, Germany (May 2016)

GCVC members are featured participants in IAVE’s biennial World Volunteer Conference and regional conferences, bringing their expertise to corporate and NGO participants from throughout the world, showcasing the volunteer efforts of their employees. Many GCVC members visibly demonstrate their commitment to strengthening the global volunteer community through sponsorships of IAVE’s conferences and special projects.

Learn more about the benefits of membership and join your peers in the premier global network for global leaders of corporate volunteering.