“Youth Volunteers Shaping the Future”

The 2018 Global Youth Volunteers Forum aims to renew youth volunteering vision, acknowledging its role as a key factor for development as well as responsible and active citizenship exercise.

This is a unique opportunity for young volunteers and leaders, up to age 30, to meet together, volunteer together, learn and reflect together and begin relationships that can last for many years.

Through the theme of the event – “Youth Volunteers Shaping the Future” – we aim to advocate for the inclusion of a youth voice in shaping the present and the future of volunteering. The 2018 Global Youth Volunteers Forum organizers believe that volunteering is a key way to empower youth to develop a lifelong habit of caring and serving. Through this inspiring event, we would like to also highlight some unique activities in which young volunteers take a central role.


The 2018 Global Youth Volunteers Forum is meant for young people committed to promoting volunteering and citizen participation at the local or international scale. We are planning to have around 200 participants.

  • Volunteers between 16 and 30 years old
  • Young leaders (between 16 and 30 years old) of civil society organizations, especially those involved in volunteer programs.
  • Young leaders between 16 and 30 years old) of grass-root, community or informal volunteer groups
  • Representatives of youth organizations
  • Young entrepreneurs building innovative bases for solving local problems
  • Volunteers (between 16 and 30 years old) who are currently involved in a long-term volunteer service program in Germany

There are six great reasons to participate in the 2018 Global Youth Volunteers Forum this year:

  1. Have access to avant-garde information from the most important national and international young volunteer leaders.
  2. Connect with the most important young leaders who have had a major impact on public problems.
  3. Learn new ideas and innovative perspective to everyday problems.
  4. Get to know and learn from your peers across the world.
  5. Contribute and enrich debates with your own experience and perspective.
  6. Be part of a global community of young people who believe in the importance and impact of volunteering.






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