In celebration of our 50th year, here is what we are planning for 2020:

Kickoff of NEW Fellowship Program

Fellowship to support outstanding volunteer leaders who are using volunteerism in their communities to create transformational change.
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50 Volunteers Around the World

Weekly spotlight on 50 volunteers around the world who are acting as change makers in their communities and around the world.
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Kickoff of the Global Leadership Network

Launch of the Volunteering Leadership Global Network, providing support for national and regional leadership organizations for volunteering.
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Signature 50th Anniversary Events

Webinars and an in-person celebration at the 26th IAVE World Volunteer Conference.

Advanced Membership Benefits

Enhanced membership benefits, monthly members-only newsletters and quarterly members webinars.

Contests and Giveaways

Social media contests for a chance to win waived registrations to the 26th World Volunteer Conference.

50th Anniversary Merchandise

Limited edition commemorative IAVE 50th Anniversary t-shirts and decals.

We are excited to celebrate our 50th birthday and we hope you will join us in the celebration!


First founded in 1970 by a group of women who were passionate about giving back to their communities through volunteering, IAVE has had the privilege to connect with thousands of likeminded individuals from around the world in the past 50 years.

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To celebrate our 50th anniversary, we want to highlight the incredible work of 50 volunteers from around the world.

Every week up until the 26th IAVE World Volunteer Conference in Abu Dhabi, we will highlight an inspirational volunteer leader from our global network. The featured individuals have demonstrated a strong commitment to volunteering in their region and have used it to bring sustainable development to the communities they serve. These volunteers will be featured in our 50th Anniversary art installation at the 2020 World Volunteer Conference, and you may even see them onstage!

Have a person in mind that you would like us to feature? Email us at [email protected] with your recommendation!

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This week’s Volunteer from Around the World is…

Galina Bodrenkova

Galina’s involvement in the volunteer community is a unique and expansive one, which dates back to more than 30 years ago. She first started volunteering in the late 1980s, when she, by chance, saw an ad at a bus stop. The poster invited people who cared to join together to solve some of the community’s most pressing problems. At that time, the word “volunteering” was not yet known in Russia. However, in the Russian, lending a hand to those in need was always second nature.

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Celebrate our 50th birthday with us by sharing how you are making a difference in your communities through volunteering. Whether you are helping to clean up our environment, assisting the homeless or any of the other myriad of ways volunteering happens around the world, we want to hear from you!

Use the hashtag #IAVEturns50 in your tweets or instagram posts so we can share your story!