Kick off of ResilienCities x Airbus

We are excited to announce the kick off of IAVE’s ResilienCities Corporate Volunteering Program! The program, customized exclusively for Airbus, consists of three unique volunteer activities and trainings focused on biodiversity and mobility. Over the course of three months, Airbus employee volunteers will work with European, community-based nonprofit organizations whose work contributes to making our cities more inclusive, resilient and sustainable for all.

For the first volunteer activity in the ResilienCities program, Airbus employees will be working with Wheelmap, a Berlin-based nonprofit. Volunteers will contribute to making their cities more accessible for persons with disabilities. Volunteers will mark various points of interest, such as bus stations and public buildings, indicating whether the locations are wheelchair accessible.

The information collected by volunteers will populate in an open-source database, which will not only serve as a digital solution for persons with disabilities, but will also be utilized to spread awareness and campaign for better accessibility laws and policies.

Airbus volunteers kicked off the project last week with a series of trainings, facilitated by Wheelmap. We invite you to follow their progress and the impact the volunteers are making in their cities!