• The Name Game

    IAVE was born as the “International Association for Volunteer Education” in 1970. Its first several conferences were known as “The LIVE Conference – Learn through International Volunteer Education.” “Education” gave way to “Effort” in XXXX. The last named “LIVE Conference” was in XXXX.

  • In the Beginning

    On February 27, 1969, the first organizing meeting was held to make plans for an international volunteer conference that would “encompass all phases of volunteer activities in health, welfare, education, recreation and culture.”

  • Before the Beginning

    In the fall of 1968, Mrs. Egmont Frankel of Toronto, Canada, President of the Auxiliary of the Princess Margaret Hospital and Lodge, invited 26 women from 11 nations to meet for one week to learn and share in the work volunteers can do in the field of cancer. Two of the delegates were from the UCLA Center for Health Sciences…Mrs. Burton Clemens (Virginia), Chairman of Volunteers, and Mrs. George F. Wasson, Jr. (Eleanor), Coordinator, Volunteer Services.”