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WVC Opening Gala Dinner

18:00 – 19:00: Welcome Reception
19:00 – 20:00: Opening Ceremony
Kurt Gribl, Lord Mayor of the City of Augsburg, Germany
Kerstin Schreyer, Bavarian Minister for Social Affairs, Germany
Wolfgang Krell, Executive Director, Volunteer Center Augsburg, Germany
Hans-Peter Teufers, Director Int’l Humanitarian Supply Chain, UPS, Germany
Olivier Adam, Executive Coordinator, United Nations Volunteers, Germany
Kylee Bates, IAVE World President, Australia
20:00: Dinner and Traditional Bavarian Performances
Congress Hall




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8:00-9:00 Conference Registration & Check-in

Session I – Opening Plenary
Volunteering in a Changing World

Opening Panel
Helmut Anheier,
Professor, Hertie School of Governance (Germany)
Response Panel
Cristina Rigman, President, CEV (Romania)
Olivier Adam, Executive Coordinator, UNV (Germany)
Chair: Kenn Allen, Interim Executive Director, IAVE (USA)
Special Presentation
Ksenia Razuvaeva,
Head of Year of Volunteers Directorate (Russia)
Declaration from Global Youth Volunteer Forum
Featured Speaker
Dr. Dhananjayan Sriskandarajah, Secretary General, CIVICUS (Sri Lanka)
Congress Hall

Coffee Break


Session II – Forum Sessions

Forum 1.1 The Future of National Leadership for Volunteering
Forum 1.2 Behind Every Global Goal – Volunteers Leading Change
Forum 1.3 Youth Volunteering as a Pathway for Employment – or Not?
Forum 1.4 Volunteering is for Everyone, Volunteering is about Belonging


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12:30-14:00 Lunch Foyer

Session III – Breakout Sessions

Breakout 1.1 The advantages and disadvantages of policy makers taking an interest in volunteering
Breakout 1.2 Making best use of digitalization and online platforms to increase effectiveness
Breakout 1.3 Supporting refugees through volunteering – examples of the German response
Breakout 1.4 The role and impact of full time youth volunteer programs
Breakout 1.5 Young citizens in action (1)
Breakout 1.6 Taking action to deliver the United Nation’s 2030 Agenda
Breakout 1.7 The role of volunteer centers in providing local leadership for volunteering – a European perspective
Breakout 1.8 Leadership for volunteering in tackling environmental challenges
Breakout 1.9 What is impact measurement? – Conceptual frameworks and evidence from research
Breakout 1.10 High value partnerships that create impact
Breakout 1.11 Taking your volunteer program to the next level
Breakout 1.12 Emerging leadership structures for volunteering


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15:30-16:15 Coffee Break Foyer

Session IV – Plenary Session
The Future(s) of Volunteering

Participatory Session lead by IFRC and UNV
This plenary has been jointly designed by IAVE, IFRC and UNV to give all conference participants the opportunity to join in discussion of the future of volunteering. This will be the first of a series of similar dialogs leading up to the 2020 United Nations Global Technical Meeting on Volunteering.
Aarathi Krishnan, Global Futures and Foresight Coordinator, IFRC (Australia)
Emma Morley, Chief of Volunteer Advisory Services, UNV (UK)
Congress Hall
16:15 – 17:30

Bagfa Annual Meeting
(By invitation only)


Let’s Connect
Evening Networking Event

Unwind after a full day of plenaries, forums and breakouts! Join fellow conference participants at the evening networking reception at the convention center. Enjoy small bites and drinks while mingling with hundreds of others in the volunteer field.



(Imhof and Lobby)




  Schedule Location
8:00-9:00 Conference Registration Foyer

Session I – Plenary Sessions
Partnering for Impact

Opening Speaker:
Eduardo Martinez, President, UPS Foundation (USA)
Corporate Awards
Presented by Diane Solinger, Director, Communications and Culture, sumUX, Google (USA)
Report out on the Future(s) of Volunteering plenary
Aarathi Krishnan, Global Futures and Foresight Coordinator, IFRC (Australia)
Featured Speaker
Felix Finkbeiner, Founder, Plant-for-the-Planet (Germany)
Congress Hall

Coffee Break


Session II – Forum Sessions

Forum 2.1 Local Leadership for Volunteering that is “Fit for Purpose” in the 21st Century
Forum 2.2 Corporate Volunteering – Evolution or Revolution?
Forum 2.3 Measuring Impact: How Do We Know Volunteers Make a Difference?
Forum 2.4 Government Policies for Volunteering – Help or Hindrance?

Session II – Breakout Sessions

Breakout 2.1 Challenging disadvantage and embracing inclusion through volunteering
Breakout 2.2 Measuring impact examples from the world of corporate volunteering
Breakout 2.3 Young citizens in action (2)
Breakout 2.4 The role of faith based organizations and their volunteer programs
Breakout 2.5 Renewal of national leadership
Breakout 2.6 The benefits of engaging older people as volunteers
Breakout 2.7 Ensuring psychological and physical safety of volunteers
Breakout 2.8 Showcasing tech platforms that support involving and managing volunteers


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12:30-13:45 Lunch Foyer

Session III – Breakout Sessions

Breakout 3.1 Faith based volunteer involving organizations making a difference
Breakout 3.2 Enhancing volunteering through civil society and government collaboration
Breakout 3.3 We fail, we learn, we try again, we succeed – some new approaches, perspectives and tools
Breakout 3.4 Student volunteering – developing leadership, delivering community impact
Breakout 3.5 Technological solutions to engaging and mobilizing civic participation locally and globally
Breakout 3.6 Leadership for volunteering in delivering effective health and social care
Breakout 3.7 Reflections on youth volunteering from East to West
Breakout 3.8 How impact measurement can be effectively integrated into volunteer management processes
Breakout 3.9 Examples of practical tools to measure impact of volunteer involvement
Breakout 3.10 Structuring corporate volunteers programs for maximum inclusion
Breakout 3.11 Creating meaningful skills based volunteer porgrams
Breakout 3.12 Involving volunteers to build resilience, respond to disasters and aid in recovery


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15:15-15:45 Cofffee Break Foyer

Session IV – Plenary Session
Volunteering for Development

Featured Speaker
Gerd Müller, Federal Minister for Economic Cooperating and Development (Germany)
Innovations in Volunteering Worldwide: A Panel Discussion
Latin America: Laura Sánchez Gil, TECHO (Colombia)
Europe: Holger Holland, Let’s Do It! (Germany)
Asia: Mujtaba Arshia, Afghans for Progressive Thinking (Afghanistan)
Africa: Agnetta Nyalita, Government of Makueni County (Kenya)
Congress Hall

IAVE Member Meeting
(By invitation only)


Bavarian Evening

Ozapft is! Draft beer, beer tents, music and traditional folklore clothes are intergral aspects of Bavarian culture. Join us for a festive Bavarian evening at the marquee, exclusively available for all conference participants. Enjoy the quintessential Bavarian beer tent atmosphere with hearty meals such as Schweinshaxn, Obazda and sausage salad. Dance to the folk music played by a local brass band and immerse yourself in the culture. Locals will show you a flavor of Augsburg by dressing in traditional Bavarian outfits such as dirndl and lederhosen.
The Bavarian Evening is a night of conference celebration you don’t want to miss! It is the perfect opportunity to relax and to mingle with other conference delegates in a warm and inviting atmosphere.
Beer Tent




  Schedule Location
8:00-9:00 Conference Registration & Check-in

Session I – Forum Sessions

Forum 3.1 Faith, Service and Volunteering
Forum 3.2 Volunteering and the Quest for Innovation
Forum 3.3 A Changing Society: Aging Populations as Challenge and Opportunity
Forum 3.4 Help in disaster


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Coffee Break


Closing Plenary
Up, up and awayyyy!

Featured Speaker
Dr. Jemilah Mahmood, Under Secretary General, Partnerships, IFRC (Malaysia)
Closing Remarks
Kurt Gribl, Lord Mayor of the City of Augsburg (Germany)
Kylee Bates, IAVE World President (Australia)
Closing Ceremony & Announcement of Host Country for 2020 World Volunteer Conference
Congress Hall
13:00-14:30 Lunch Foyer






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