Since 1970, IAVE’s World Volunteer Conference has inspired people in many ways: it has allowed volunteers and volunteer leaders around the world to stand together in solidarity, learn from each other and find support when they have difficult decision to make. This year, the event boosted the creativity of a local volunteer from Augsburg, Germany who has created a song especially for the 25th IAVE World Volunteer Conference!

We talked to Daniel Pain, the writer of “Volunteers at Heart” about his experience as a volunteer, how he wrote the song and his message for the World Volunteer Conference participants.

For Daniel, a 37-years old resident of Augsburg, both music and volunteering play a major role in his life. Daniel is currently working at Caritas Augsburg, his responsibilities including supporting and promoting volunteering in different networks within Caritas Augsburg and beyond.

During his studies, Daniel spent one year as a volunteer living in Edinburgh with Don Bosco Volunteers. The aim of the project he was involved in was connecting face-to-face with the young people in a city district called Muirhouse. Music played an important link that facilitated the interaction with the young people from the local community. “The young people even asked me to do German rap – well, I tried my very best!” said Daniel as he recounts this special volunteer project which has left a lasting impression on him.

He read about the World Volunteer Conference being organized in Augsburg in the local media and that provided him with the idea about the song. “The initial spark to write this song came when I heard that this year’s WVC is coming to Augsburg. I wanted to create a tune dedicated to all volunteers worldwide. Music brings people together – just like volunteering and the WVC!” explained Daniel.

Could you tell us what volunteering means to you?

Volunteering to me means that everyone, regardless of age, cultural background has a special talent and something unique to offer. Each contribution can make a difference. Ultimately, volunteering is a contribution to living together in peace.

How do you feel about having this year’s WVC hosted in your hometown of Augsburg?

I’m very excited about that – Augsburg is a great place to be, people are friendly and open. I’m sure all participants of the conference will have a great time and enjoy their stay.

What are you looking forward to from the conference?

Volunteering truly benefits from diversity – I’m looking forward to absorbing new ideas from people with different cultural backgrounds.

Is there anything you would like to say to the global volunteer network?

To all volunteers out there – have fun doing what you love! Enjoy the WVC and the song – this one goes out to you!

“Volunteers at Heart”
music & lyrics by Daniel Pain, © 2018






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